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Collect the most coins to win the game.


Draw a character tile from the bag.

You can either keep the side you see, or flip it and have the other side (but no backflips).

Place the tile on that side at the lowest point on a column of your choice.

Apply the immediate effect (Yellow).

If they are on the highest space of their column, also take the column bonus.

If you hold the Treasure Map at the end of your turn, take 1 coin.

End Game

When one player completes 4 columns, finish off the round, then end the game.

Apply end game effects of characters (grey).

If using board C, there are also end game bonuses on the board.

The player with the most coins wins!

Remember, 3 Gunner tiles or more at the end automatically loses!

If tied, the player who currently holds the treasure map wins!