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Gain the most points over 4 rounds

Start of Round

In the first three rounds only, after hand cards are dealt, each player picks one of their three camp cards to use this round


The round is made up of three turns

Each turn, you choose two cards from your hand to play, then pass the rest of your hand on to the next player (Left 1/3, Right 2/4)

After the three turns, you will have two cards left which will just be discarded

Card Placement

Cards may be played orthogonally adjacent to or overlapping other cards

Camp cards cannot be overlapped

Trails are NOT required to match or be continuous

In-Game & End-Game Goals

There are four goals randomly created at the start, two for in-game and two for end-game

In-game goals can be claimed during the game, multiple players can claim the same goal but ensure to mark when they were claimed as earlier claims score more points, goals scored at the same time score the same rank, once all the ranks of a goal are claimed no more claims can be made

End-Game goals are scored in a similar fashion, except these are scored at end of fourth round and will typically be ranked on how well you did something, rather than when you did it

Game End

The game ends at the end of the fourth round

In-Game and End-Game goals are scored based on the player rank on them

Each Camp will score its colour/type loop

Each Camp is only interested in ONE route type

Brown Hiking / Orange Biking / Blue Kayaking

A Route only counts as a Loop if it begins and ends at the Camp i.e. one clear exit and one clear entrance

Each Camp can house multiple Loops

Each loop scores based on each Trail Marker feature it passes as you'd travel it, if you pass a feature twice, count it twice

The player with the most points, wins!

If tied, the player who achieved the most goals wins!

Summarised by

Trail Scoring (TLDR)

Tiles are only scored if they're part of a completed trail

Score 1 point for each 1x1 (half a tile aka "Trail Marker") a trail passes through (if it passes through multiple times, each time is worth a point)

(^ One 2x1 tile can generate multiple points)

Since we're adding attribution here, apparently, this TLDR is brought to you by sl8rgames (with many thanks to jestaoz who made this all clear)