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Discover legendary places and artifacts to score the most points and be the first to complete your 6th discovery


On your turn, first roll the dice

Then either:

Prepare for Expeditions


Go on Expeditions

Roll the Dice

First, roll the dice and:

Draw 1 Tool Token, if you already are at capacity of 6, choose which to discard after drawing

Every Player flips their torches, this means lit torches become unlit and unlit torches become lit

Score an extra victory point for each discovery claimed this turn

After the result of the dice is resolved, move on to your main action


Prepare for Expeditions

Pick a column on the Headquarters Board and take everything there (1 Discovery Tile + 2 Tools)

You may hold a maximum of 3 Discovery Tiles and 6 Tools, as such, if after drawing you are over this limit, you may discard old or new components to get down to the limit

Go On Expeditions

First, take a visible or blind expedition card

Optionally, you can then complete up to 3 discovery tiles on your player board if able

To complete a discovery tile, you must have the required tools it asks for, a Lit Torch is wild

After proving its completion, move the used tools into the bag and the tile onto the lower half of your board face down

Score 1 VP for each coin shown on your board

Each character has a favourite tool, score 1 VP per instance this tool was used, excluding wild Lit Torches

Remember to add a point if you rolled the coin at the start

Repeat this up to 2 more times as you wish for each discovery tile you wish to process

Game End

The game ends when a player completes their 6th discovery, then the current round concludes as normal

It is possible to have up to 8 discoveries, as you can complete up to 3 on a turn, and 5 + 3 = 8

Mission cards score if you have that combination of symbols on your completed discovery tiles, and each discovery tile can be allocated to as many missions as you wish

Discovery cards can be used towards Missions in addition to the Discovery Tiles

Still held dice cards are worth 1 VP, or can be used during game to change the roll to whatever you wish

Ties are resolved by whoever was most recent to play