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Welcome to Abandon All Artichokes, a fast-paced, “deck-wrecking” card game. At the beginning of the game, each player starts with 10 artichoke cards. Harvest vegetables to build your deck and gain new powers, while abandoning Artichokes by any means necessary. If you’re able to draw a hand free of Artichokes at the end of your turn, you win the game!

Abandon All Artichokes has simple rules:

  • Take one vegetable card from the garden row (the cards on top of the playing area) into your hand
  • Play zero or more vegetable cards from your hand. You can't play artichokes, but all other vegetable cards have some kind of effect.
  • When you're done, discard your cards and draw 5 new ones from your deck -- if there is no artichoke among them, you have won!
  • Otherwise, it's the next player's turn.

When you refill your hand at the end of your turn, if none of the cards are Artichokes, you immediately win the game!

Important: You do not win if your hand has no Artichokes in the middle of your (or another player’s) turn.


  • Compost: Cards taken out of the game
  • Discard pile: individual to each player; pile where cards end up at the end of a player's turn
  • Deck: individual to each player; if deck has fewer than 5 cards at the end of a player's turn, the player adds all cards from the discard pile and reshuffles.

List of all vegetable cards;

  • Leek - Reveal the top card of an opponent's deck. Put it into your hand or on top of their discard pile.
  • Potato - Reveal the top card of your deck. Compost if Artichoke, otherwise discard it.
  • Corn - Play this card with an artichoke. Then put a card from the garden row on top of your deck.
  • Eggplant - Compost an artichoke, along with this card. All players pass the cards to the left.
  • Broccoli - Compost an artichoke if your hand has three or more Artichoke.
  • Carrot - As your only play action, compost exactly two artichokes, along with this card.
  • Peas - Reveal two cards from the garden stack. Put one on your discard pile, the other on an opponent's.
  • Beet - You and an opponent each reveal a random card. Compost both if Artichoke, otherwise swap them.
  • Pepper - Put a card from your discard pile on top of your deck.
  • Onion - Compost an Artichoke. Put this card on top of another player's discard pile.