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Have the most prestige points (PP) after 5 rounds


In reverse turn order, choose a starting bonus


Each round is split into two phases

Ambassador's Phase (Played 4 times per round)

Executive Phase (Played once after all Ambassador phases)

Ambassador's Phase

Place one of your tokens either Voting side or Funding side on one of the available spaces

After which, you may send one spaceship to your persona board and carry out a mission (Optional)

Your Voting side tokens have numbers from 1-3, whilst the Funding side has no crystals, a green crystal, or a pink crystal

The Funding side lets you access special missions and Major Projects

The Voting side lets you gain majorities and pass laws

You may have alteration tokens which you can use to change the value of voting side

When playing a side, take any crystals depicted

If you place a voting side, you can add your assistance die to increase its power

After placing the token, you can send a spaceship to a special mission as long as you have access to it, you have a free spaceship, you meet the requirements

You may gain a Medal of Honour if you receive high enough accreditation than anyone else, or further than others, you can only gain one copy of each medal

Executive Phase

Everyone does the following at the same time

Receive income from your production structures

Pay your level of accreditation or drop levels until you can pay

Move Major Projects onwards for each Funding token on it

Score points based on voting power in each floor and associated accreditation

Pass the law with the most votes

End of Round

Bring in all tokens

Discard used Alteration tokens

Replace both Law tiles

End of Game

Score points based on the lowest uncovered Medal value on your player board

Score points for remaining resources: (1PP per 2 Crystals, 1PP per Diamond, 1PP per Spaceship in your hanger, 1PP per Alteration Token)

Score points based on player ranking for each funded Major Project (4 Players: 12/8/4/0, 3 Players: 14/6/0, 2 Players: 10/(4 or 0))