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  • Farm Club plays over 9 rounds
  • The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.


    On your turn, you can do one of three things:

    1. Calling on a bird - spend a bird to swap out either all the goals OR all the animals in the Hire An Animal section.
    2. Hire an animal - when hiring an animal, the goal card and the animal come in a matching set. You will then place the animal in one of the 8 empty pens OTHER than the center one. (Placing an animal in a pen with matching animal drawing will earn you a bird.)
    3. Elect a leader - unlike hiring an animal, the goal cards and animals here are not matched up. You can choose ANY of the three goals cards and ANY of the six animals. The leader can ONLY be placed inside the center pen.)

    At the end of your turn, you will have the option of discarding the goal card that you have picked up DURING CURRENT TURN to rearrange your farm. Rearranging the farm = swapping the locations of two animals, or moving an animal to an empty spot. (The leader can never be moved.)


  • Goals with a lightning symbol = you score it immediately, even if the condition is no longer met later on.
  • Goals with an hour glass will only be evaluated at the end of the game.
  • Some goals show two different scores. Player scores the lower score if the condition is only partially met.
  • Note that when a goal specify one or more animals being next to each other, they can be either vertically or horizontally adjacent to each other.
  • For the goals requiring 5 animals, their locations do not matter. You only need to have all 5 of them on your farm.
  • On goal cards that require three animals to be in the same column or row, their order do NOT matter. HOWEVER, if the middle animal is placed in the center location, you will earn an additional bird.

    Earning birds

    1. By placing an animal in a spot with matching animal drawing
    2. By having the middle animal in the center matching a goal card that requires three animals in the same row or column.

    Unused birds are worth 1 point each at the end of the game.

    End of Game

  • Game ends after 9 rounds when all the pens are filled. Scores from all the goals are summed up.
  • Any unused birds are worth one point each.
  • Tie goes to the person with fewer birds.