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How to play?

  • - To win the game, you’ll have to create stacks of pawns or steal the control of your opponent’s towers.
  • - Moves are made by 1, 2 or 3 squares depending on the value of the top pawn of the stack you are moving. Movement is always orthogonal and never diagonal.
  • - You can move a stack only if you control it (with a pawn of your color on top).
  • - A single pawn can only be stacked on top of another single pawn, and stacks can only land on top of other stacks.
  • - To move your pieces, you will only be able to move through the occupied squares. Empty squares are passed straight over without counting them. Look for hidden shortcuts to thwart your opponent’s strategy.
  • - The game ends when a player isn't able to make a legal move