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Redstone is a variation of Go in which red stones are used to capture. Red stones are permanent. They cannot themselves be captured.

Redstone is a game of annihilation. The goal is to eliminate all enemy stones from the board. Passing is not allowed. Redstone is naturally finite. So there's no need for ko.

A capturing placement results in one or more groups, of either or both colors, having no liberties. Such a placement can only be made with a red stone. Conversely, a red stone can only be placed if it bounds (completely deprives of liberties) one or more groups of either or both colors. Self capture is allowed.

When multiple groups without liberties result from a placement, all such groups are removed immediately following said placement, regardless of the groups' colors. Unlike Go, if you unbound your own temporarily bounded group by removing a neighboring enemy group, you must still remove your own temporarily bounded group.

Since Redstone is a game of annihilation, not of point score, Go’s komi is not needed. Redstone uses the pie rule for balance.