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General Sequence of Play

Each turn, a player may take one of the following three actions.

  • Evolution
  • Migration
  • Swap

To evolve, the player chooses a territory occupied by a pawn (not necessarily theirs), then chooses a pawn from the reserve to place on the board marked as theirs with a village marker in their color. This pawn must be compatible with the original pawn. This means that it must differ in at most one attribute (color, height, or width), must not be shorter or thinner, and cannot be two steps taller or wider.

To migrate, the player chooses one of their pawns, and moves it a distance of at most the height of the pawn to an empty space.

To swap, the player chooses one of their pawns, and moves it a distance of at most the height of the pawn, to a space occupied by a thinner pawn belonging to a different player. The other player's pawn is moved to the starting square.

Then, the player receive a reward, based on the color of the territory they just settled:

  • Yellow, Orange, or Purple. The player may take any Innovation tile from the corresponding column and a card from the corresponding deck OR draw 3 cards and return any 2 cards of that color from your hand to the bottom of the deck.
  • Brown. The player make take any 2 Innovation tiles from the Brown column OR any 1 Innovation tile for any other column.
  • Green. The player takes the Hunting token, scoring VPs. (If a player swaps into a green territory, there will be no token and thus no reward).

If, after the action is complete, a player (either active player or the player swapped with) controls both sides of a strait, they receive the corresponding Strait token.

Before, during, or after their action, they may play up to three cards, one of each color.

Action Cards (Yellow)

These may be played for an immediate effect, and are then discarded.

Permanent Cards (Orange)

These may be played only if the player has an appropriately high Innovation tile.

Objective Cards (Purple)

  • These may be played only if the board matches the conditions on the card.
  • Once an objective card is played, it is immediately replaced (if possible) with another objective card from the purple deck.
  • During the final turn, a player may play multiple Objective cards, but may only draw a replacement for the first one.
  • A completed objective is never lost.
  • Beware .. there are certain cards which will allow opponents to steal cards from your hand, or specific items from your collection
    • Hunting tokens can not be stolen.
  • Each player can have a maximum of 2 objective cards in hand
    • Except for the player who finds and plays a specific card to be able to hold 3
    • Any objective cards above the hand limit must be returned to the purple deck.

List of 20 objectives

I. Territory Objectives (4 total)

  • You must have a certain number of your pawns on territories of a specified colour:
# Pawns Territory colour Points
2 Green 3
3 Brown 4
3 Orange 4
3 Yellow 4

II. 3-Territory Continental Objectives (6 total)

  • You must have 3 of your pawns on territories of the specified continent:
# Pawns Continent Points
3 Africa 3
3 Eurasia 5
3 Oceania 5
3 South America 6
3 North America 6
3 Antarctica 6

III. 4-Territory Continental Objectives (3 total)

You must have 4 of your pawns in the specified territorial configuration:

# Pawns Territorial configuration Points
4 4 adjacent territories, 1 continent 5
4 4 adjacent territories, 2 continents 5
4 4 territories, 4 continents 5

IV. Pawn Objectives (3 total)

  • Your evolved pawns on the board must meet these characteristics:
# Pawns Attributes Points
3 strongest strength (any colour / height) 4
3 tallest height (any colour / strength) 4
2 each of 3 different colours (2 white, 2 brown, 2 black) 5

V. Innovation Objectives (3 total)

  • Your current collection of innovation tiles must contain:
# Innovation tiles Level Points
3 1 4
3 2 6
2 3 6

VI. Strait Objective (1 total)

Your current collection of strait tokens must contain:

# Strait tokens Points
3 5

Innovation tiles

The Innovation tiles are numbered from 1 to 5. You may always claim a level 1 Innovation tile, but every other tile must be on top of a tile 1 lower. (For example, a player that has only one level 2 tile, can play only one level 3 tile.) Innovation tiles are required to play Permanent cards (Orange cards).


Completed Objectives (as given)

Cards in hand (1 point each)

Hunting tokens (as given)

Strait tokens (as given)

Innovation tiles (Level 5 innovation tiles are worth 5 points. All other innovation tiles are worth 1 point.)

In case of a tie, the tied player having the most cards in hand wins.