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  • The first player starts the game by placing a piece from their hand onto a square on the outer edge of the board.
  • Players then take it in turns to place pieces in unoccupied spaces.
  • Each piece dictates where your opponent must play next:
    • Straights: same row or column
    • Diagonals: in a diagonal line
    • Pusher: not adjacent
    • Puller: adjacent
  • If there are no spaces where you can legally play, you must pass.
    • Your opponent is now free to play in any empty space.
  • Score a point for each line of three pieces of your colour.
    • A line of four counts as two overlapping lines of three, so scores two points.
  • The game ends when a player cannot play because they have no more pieces.

Custom board

Official rules

  • Game gaps between squares of the board block Straights and Diagonals.

Unofficial alternative rules

  • Straights and diagonals permit placement across gaps in the board.