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Players control a Siren and attempt to lure shipwrecked Sailors back to their island. Use rings to capture additional Sailors and be the first player to score 4 Sailors to win the game. The top ring will define which player has control of a Sailor.


Gold player begins the game. For the the first turn, Gold will take one action and Silver will follow by taking two actions.

On future turns, you must take two actions. You can repeat the same action twice. Actions consist of the following:

  • Move your Siren one space at a time to any open adjacent space in any direction.
  • Move a Sailor that you control one space to any unoccupied orthogonally-adjacent space towards your island.
  • Transfer one of your rings from your Siren to an adjacent Sailor.
  • Withdraw one of your rings from a Sailor you control to your Siren.
  • A Siren carrying more rings than the opposing adjacent Siren may attack its opponent by moving onto the space they occupy. When this happens, the attacking Siren’s player will move the defeated Siren to any unoccupied adjacent space.

A sailor can hold a maximum of 3 rings at a time.


Players score by moving a Sailor they control onto their island space. Once the Sailor reaches the island, they are immediately removed from the board. The rings are then distributed back to the Sirens under the following conditions:

  • A maximum of 1 ring is returned to each Siren.
  • All remaining rings are removed from the game.


The game ends immediately in two ways: 1.) When the first player successfully scores 4 Sailors from the board This player is declared the winner. 2.) When a player cannot take both actions on their turn, the opposing player is declared the winner.