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Control the Three Temporal Princes along with a Secular Prince, or control the most princes in general


First, check to see if you win

Second, move the Bailiff clockwise any number of steps, if you move them an amount equal or less than the number of cards in your hand it is free, if you wish to move it further you must discard 1 hand card for each extra step but may not discard your final card

If moving the Bailiff moved it over the City Token, draw a card and discard a card

Finally, take the card where the Bailiff finished its move either into your hand or into your play area, then replace the space and it is your opponent's turn

Playing a Card

If a card is the first of its type for you, you may play it

If a card is not the first of its type, in order to play it its value must be higher but not necessarily consecutive to the previous card of the same type e.g. if you had a 3 of Yellow in play already, you could play a 4 or you could play anything higher

If you have more cards of that type than your opponent, take the corresponding Prince

If you have the same quantity of cards, but your most recent card is a higher value than your opponent's most recent, take the corresponding Prince

Game End

There are two ways that a game can end

If, at start of turn, you own the 3 Archbishops (Temporal Princes) and a minimum of one Secular Prince, you instantly win!

If the deck of cards runs out, and no one has won during the game, both players take one more action

After which, the player who controls the following Prince resolves its power in the following order:

Court Palatine of the Rhein

Margrave of Brandenburg

Duke of Saxony

King of Bohemia

Remember to check ownership after each Prince is resolved, as their powers may change who controls them at any given time

After all the above Prince powers have been activated, the player with the most total Princes, wins!

If both players have the same number of Princes, no one wins.