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For tips on how to play pandemic, see Tips_pandemic


  • Select from the actions listed below, up to 4 actions per turn.
  • Role special abilities may change how an action works.
  • Some actions involve discarding a card from your hand.


Drive / Ferry

  • Move to a city connected to the one you are in.

Direct Flight

  • Discard a City card to move to the city named on the card.

Charter Flight

  • Discard the City card that matches the city you are in to move to any city.

Shuttle Flight

  • Move from a city with a research station to any other city that has a research station.

Build a Research Station

  • Discard the City card that matches the city you are in to place a research station there.
  • 6 research stations may be built.

Treat Disease

  • Remove 1 disease cube from the city you are in.
    • If this disease colour has been cured, remove all cubes of that colour from the city you are in.
  • If the last cube of a cured disease is removed from the board, this disease is eradicated.

Share Knowledge

  • You can do this action in two ways:
    1. give the City card that matches the city you are in to another player, or
    2. take the City card that matches the city you are in from another player.
  • The other player must also be in the city with you.
    • Both of you need to agree to do this.
  • If the player who gets the card now has more than 7 cards, that player must immediately discard a card or play an Event card.

Discover a Cure

  • At any research station, discard 5 City cards of the same colour from your hand to cure the disease of that colour.
  • Move the disease’s cure marker to its Cure Indicator.
  • If no cubes of this colour are on the board, this disease is now eradicated.


Contingency Planner

  • Take an Event Card from the Discard pile and place it on the Role Card.
  • It doesn't count against the limit of 7 hand cards.


  • Move any pawn to a city containing another pawn OR Move another player's pawn as if it were their own.


  • Remove all cubes of a colour when treating a city.
  • For any cured disease:
    • Treats for free when entering city, and
    • prevents cubes/Outbreaks in their location.

Operations Expert

  • Build a Research Station in their location without discarding a city card.
  • Once per turn, move to any city from a Research Station, using any city card.

Quarantine Specialist

  • Prevents Outbreaks and placement of disease cubes in their location plus all connecting cities.


  • May give any card to a player in same location.


  • Can cure a disease by using only 4, not 5, cards of the same colour.