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  • Each player starts with 2 dog cards.
  • Each player rolls 1 die and place it in their yards.


  • On your turn, you can either do a trick or score all your dogs.

Do a Trick

  • Choose a face up trick card, gain any treats on it (if any) and follow its instructions, then turn it face down.
  • The dice you roll must either be placed on a matching space on one of your dogs, or your yard.
  • Each space can only take one die.
  • You may spend a treat to reroll all dice in a roll. You may not only reroll some of the dice.
  • If the total of all dice in your yard exceed 7 at any time, you bust. Discard all dice on your dogs and in your yard, then immediately ends your turn.
  • If there's only 1 face up trick after a trick is done, place a treat on it and flip all other tricks face up.
  • If all your dogs are completed after placing all dice from a roll during a trick, score all your dogs.

Scoring Dogs

  • Flip all your completed dogs over and discard all dice on them.
  • Draw dogs equal to the number of dogs you completed. You must stop when you have exactly 6 dogs.

End of Game

  • The player with 6 completed dogs immediately wins.
  • You may not have more than 6 dogs at any time.

List of Tricks

Each game must include Howl and Roll Over, along with 1 trick of each colour.

  • Howl: If you have less than 6 dogs, draw the top dog. Then, roll 1 die.
  • Roll Over: Roll all your buried dice. Then, you may roll 1 die.

Green Tricks (Getting Treats)

  • Beg (Beginner Set): Take 1 treat. Then, take 1 treat for each of your paw prints.
  • Chew: Double your number of treats. Then, take 1 treat.
  • Gobble: Take 7 treats. Then, return treats equal to the number in your highest unfilled space.
  • Play Dead: Roll 1 die. Then, if you bury it without busting, take 1 treat per spot on the die.
  • Stay: Take 1 treat for each facedown trick except Stay.

Blue Tricks (Choosing Dice)

  • Fetch (Beginner Set): Roll 8 dice. Place all dice of a number of your choice and discard the rest.
  • Guard: Name a number and roll 4 dice. Discard any die greater than the number you named and place the rest.
  • Hunt: Roll 2 dice, plus 1 die for each of your paw prints. Place any 2 of them and discard the rest.
  • Scavenge: Roll 4 dice. Then, you may discard any die lower than the total of all dice in your yard before placing the rest.
  • Search: Roll 7 die. Place dice with a total of exactly 8 and discard the rest.

Yellow Tricks (Roll a Few Dice)

  • Dig: For each of your paw prints, raise or lower a buried die of any player by 1, discarding any 0s. Then, roll 2 dice.
  • Retrieve: Take 1 die and place it with a number from the top dog of the deck. Then, roll 2 dice.
  • Track: Roll 3 dice. When you use a treat, you may reroll only part of your dice.
  • Trot: You may remove a die on your dogs to place a die in another empty space. Then, roll 2 dice.
  • Walk (Beginner Set): Roll 2 dice. Then, you may roll 1 die.

Purple Tricks (Roll Dice Repeatedly)

  • Bolt: Roll 3 to 12 die, one at a time. You may stop early if your number of paw prints is not smaller than the number of dice left to be rolled.
  • Chase: Roll 1 die. Then, you may add 1 die to the number of dice you roll and repeat this.
  • Dogpile: Roll 3 dice, exactly one of which must be taken from your dogs or your yard. Then, repeat this as many times as you want.
  • Run (Beginner Set): Roll 3 dice. Then, you may roll 1 die for as many times as you want.
  • Sprint: Roll 1 die for each of your incomplete dogs. Then, repeat this as many times as you want.

Solo mode

You will play against a pretend opponent named Aila. Aila starts with 1 treat, no yard, and no dogs. You go first. On Aila's turn, roll a die. Imagine the trick tiles are numbered 1-6, like so:

1 2 3
4 5 6

The die result indicates a specific tile. If the tile is faceup, Aila flips it facedown, taking any treats on it. If the tile is facedown, Aila scores the top card of the dog deck instead. If Aila starts her turn with only 1 faceup tile, first reset the tiles like you would for your own turn. If Aila ever has at least 2 treats, she returns 2 and scores the top card of the dog deck. You win if you score 6 dogs. You lose if Aila scores 6. Adjust difficulty by starting Aila with more or less treats.