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Collect Glass out of the River and Lake to add to your Glasswork to accumulate sets of the same colour


On your turn, either Place in the River OR Draw from the Lake

If you Place in River, place a glass from your Satchel that matches the shape of the River segment then collect all the glass from an adjacent segment (thus possibly collecting a different shape) and put those in your Glassworks. The segment collected from is moved to the start of the River and new Glass is added to it from the supply based on the number of stone icons on the adjacent segment

Special Rule: You can place two of the same shape Glass to count as one of any other Glass for the purposes of Place in River, e.g. You can count two triangles as a heart

If you Draw from the Lake, take 4 Glass from the Lake into your Satchel which can hold at most 5 Glass, so any extra are put in your Overflow area, then refill the lake


During the Place in River action, you add the new Glass to your Glasswork display

Each column accommodates a single colour

If the Glass you gathered is NOT present in your Glasswork, add it to the next available column on the lowest row (if you have multiple Glass, you can choose which order they go in at this point)

If the Glass you gathered is present in your Glasswork, add it to the corresponding column, but if there is no room then add it to your Overflow area (negative points)

On the side of your Glasswork, there is a chart to show how common or rare a particular piece of Glass is

Each of the columns give different amount of points for accumulating glass there

Any time you add to your Glasswork OR Overflow area, increase your inventory count by 1

Note: There are more colours in the game than columns, if you collect new colours after you have fully commenced all columns of your Glasswork they will definitely go into Overflow

Game End

When a player has an inventory count of 17 i.e. has obtained 17 pieces of Glass to their Glasswork &/or Overflow, the end game triggers

At this point, all players check their Satchel, if they have less than 3 glass, they draw up to 3 glass straight from the bag blind (NOT the Lake)

Finish the current round, then take one more round

During this time, Draw from Lake is NOT an option anymore

After all have finished, scoring occurs

First, score points for each row based on how many consecutive spaces are filled and score the amount shown on the lower track e.g. if in a row you filled space 123 you gain 4 points, in another you filled 234 you score 0 as you have to fill from space 1 (leftmost)

Secondly, score your 2 highest columns at their highest space filled, if there's a third or more column which is tied, to find the two highest take the two highest leftmost columns of the same height (i.e. if tied, you'll always score the lower scoring tower)

Finally, lose 3 points for each Glass in Overflow

The player with the most points wins!

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