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Alveole is an abstract board game for 2 players. Players attempt to gather all their pieces into a single group; the first player to do so wins.

Start of the game

The board is a hexagonal board with 5 hexes on a side. Each player has 9 pieces in a given starting configuration.

Player's turn

In a player's turn, the player must choose a piece and move it in one of the six directions. The piece must move the exact same number of hexes as the number of pieces (both the player's and their opponent's) in the line of movement. For example, if along the line, there are a total of 3 pieces (counting itself, everything in the movement direction, and everything behind on the line), then the piece must move exactly 3 spaces.

A piece may jump over friendly pieces but may not land on a friendly piece. A piece may not jump over opponent pieces but may land on one; in that case, the opponent piece is captured and removed from the game.

End of the game

If, at the end of a turn, all of a player's pieces form a single connected group, that player wins. This can be either the moving player or the opponent (if the move is a capture, and that leaves all the remaining pieces connected). Note that by definition, if a player only has one piece left, they form a single group and thus they win.

In case both players have a single group at the same time, the player that made the move wins.

It's also possible that a player doesn't have any legal move to make for their turn, even if it's a very unlikely situation. In that case, the opponent wins.