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GOLDblivion is a deck building game where each player gets two decks: one with GOLDblivion cards (blue) and one with Combat cards (red).

The aim of the game is to get the most gold bars. When one player gets 10 or more gold bars, players play until the round is over and the player with the most gold bars wins!

Players have two resources in the game: nuggets and material. Players are not limited for the number of nuggets they can have but they are limited to 4 material.


All players get the same starting GOLDblivion deck and Combat deck. At the start of the game, players select a Noble that they shuffle in their GOLDblivion deck. This is done in reverse turn order.

Round Overview

GOLDblivion is played in rounds. The game will end at the end of a round. The structure of a round is:

  • Draw: All players draw 5 GOLDblivion cards from their deck.
  • Development: All player must choose a card from their hand and place it under their player board, either on the Produce Nugget Side or the Produce Material Side.
  • Production: All player produce nuggets and material depending on the number of cards: 1 nugget for each card in the Produce Nugget Side and 1 material for each 2 cards in the Produce Material Side (rounded down).
  • Actions: Player turns: Each player plays turns until all player have passed.
  • End of round: Buildings are reactivated, cards are shuffled in their deck and magic tokens are shuffled face down. The First Player Token is passed to the next player that must destroy a card from the market.

Player Turn Overview

On their turn, players must play 2 main actions and any number of bonus actions.

Main actions:

  • Play a card: Play a card from your hand and activate the ability. (Note: Some abilities have a cost but you can play the card without paying its cost but you don’t activate the ability.)
  • Buy a card: You pay the cost of the card in nuggets or material. If it’s a combat card, you shuffle it in your Combat deck. If it’s a GOLDblivion building card, you place it in your play area. If it’s a GOLDblivion card that is not a building, you shuffle it in your GOLDblivion deck. You cannot have the same building twice.
  • Activate a village tile. You pay the cost and you activate the ability. You then flip the tile to reveal the other side.
  • Pass. You must buy as many gold bars as you can (see the “Buy a gold bar” Bonus action). After you pass, you cannot do any other actions in this round.

Bonus actions:

  • Buy a gold bar: Pay 7 nuggets to buy a gold bar.
  • Activate a building: Activate the building to activate its ability. Some abilities have a cost. You can only activate a building once per round.
  • Use a magic token: Place the magic token face up in the supply and activate its ability. Face up magic tokens cannot be gained.


Here are the abilites that can be found on cards, enemy tiles, magic tokens and village:

  • Destroy a card from the markets (GOLDblivion or Combat cards). If you can destroy 2 cards, you must choose them before you replenish the market.
  • Gain nuggets. This can depend on the number of icons on your cards in your play area.
  • Gain material.
  • Gain gold bars.
  • Gain a combat card at not cost. If at least one of the two combat card pile is empty, you can take a combat card from the top of the deck of another player.
  • Draw a GOLDblivion card from your deck.
  • Roll a dice. On 2 faces, you gain 1 nugget. On 2 faces, you gain 2 nuggets. On 1 face, you gain a material. On 1 face you gain a magic token.
  • Reactivate a building card in your play area.
  • Reactivate non building GOLDblivion card in your play area.
  • Gain a magic token. You can have a maximum of 3 magic tokens.
  • Gain a non building GOLDblivion card from the market at no cost and shuffle it in your GOLDblivion deck.
  • Start a combat.

The following abilities can only be found on combat cards:

  • Gain 0-3 combat power.
  • Draw another Combat card. You must do it immediately.
  • Copy the power of another Combat card that you used in this fight.
  • Destroy the current card to gain more combat power.


When you activate an ability that starts a combat, you must do the following actions in order:

  • Choose an enemy tile: Choose a face down or a face up enemy to fight. Flip the tile if it's face down.
  • Draw combat cards: Draw as many Combat cards from your Combat deck as there are empty sides around the enemy. The top side with water does not count as empty sides.
  • Resolve combat: Count the power of your fighters and activate remaning optional combat abilities. Drawing another combat card is not optionnal.
  • Win or Lose: If your power is equal or greater than the power of your enemy, you win. If it’s not, you lose. If you win, take the enemy tile and activate its abilites to gain the rewards. If you lose, destroy one of the combat card that you used in the fight.

Forest enemies have a power between 2 and 5. Mountain enemies have a power between 6 and 9. The Cow-Dragon enemy is printed on the board and has a power of 10.

Tie Breaker

The player with the most gold bar wins. In case of a tie, the player with the most nuggets and then the most enemy tiles wins.

Solo Mode

In Solo, you play against a Solo Noble. The game plays like the normal game with the following changes:

  • There is no First Player Token, the player always plays first.
  • The GOLDblivion market slides from left to right when it’s filled.
  • If the GOLDblivion market is empty, the player looses immediately.
  • The player must play 3 main actions instead of 2
  • The player cannot pass with cards in its hand.
  • The “Destroy a card from the markets” ability can be used to destroy a nugget of the Solo Noble instead of a card.
  • After the player turn, the Solo Noble plays.

The Solo Noble plays like this:

  • A dice is used to select a card in the GOLDblivion market
  • The type of card (building, human, elf, dwarf) is used to select where the card is placed under the Solo Noble board.
  • The abilities on the Solo Board are activated from left to right.

The abilities are:

  • The “Gain a combat card at not cost” ability has no effect.
  • The Solo Noble does no gain solo tokens. Instead, the power on the board is activated.
  • Destroy the rightmost card of the GOLDblivion market.
  • The player looses a nugget.
  • The player must flip an enemy tile.
  • The player must destroy a visible enemy tile. The Solo Noble gets the reward.

Some boards have a “6+”: this means that if there are 6 or more cards under this ability, the ability is activated twice.