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Erase the rival timetraveller from two out of three time boards


There are three boards




Actions on earlier boards can affect outcomes on later boards, such as placing a piece in the past board may mean it will be there in the future board

Although the boards are split by time, each space on the board is the same physical space

As you move between the boards, you create more copies of yourself on other boards

You have a Temporal Focus marker to show you (and your opponent) which time board you intend to act in next


On the Time Board your Temporal Focus is currently at, pick a Copy of yourself which resides there (at the start of the game you only have a single copy in each time board)

Take 2 actions with that selected copy

Move your Temporal Focus marker to a different time board (this doesn't have to be adjacent, just different)

If you start your turn with no Copies in your current Focus time (perhaps due to actions your opponent performed) then you can only take step 3, move the Temporal Focus

In addition, if you have multiple Copies to choose from, and one can take the full 2 actions and the other can only take 1 or no actions, you MUST choose the copy which can take the full 2 actions. If all are equal in action opportunities, you can choose between those.


You can take the same action twice, or two different actions

There are 2 basic actions: Move & Time Travel


Move 1 space in an orthogonal direction (if you take this action twice, you can choose a different direction on the second move)

You CANNOT move into walls

If you move into an opponent piece, push them 1 space in the same direction

If you push an opponent piece into a wall or other immovable object, they die

If you push an opponent piece into another opponent piece, they BOTH die

Dead pieces are taken by the player who killed them, they do NOT go back into the owner's supply

If you push an opponent piece into one of your pieces, no death just a chain push (exception: walls/immovable objects for potential death)

You CANNOT push yourself

Time Travel

If you time travel forward, move your piece to the same space on the immediate next time (past to present or present to future, no past to future)

If the space you would travel to is occupied, by piece or object, you cannot take this action

If you time travel backwards, place a copy of yourself in the same space in BOTH time boards. However, if you still have actions to take, these are taken with the copy in the EARLIEST time board.

If you have no copies in your supply, you cannot travel backwards. In addition, if the space is occupied, you cannot travel backwards. In addition addition, you cannot travel backwards then forwards as the later space is now occupied.

You can take 2 Time Travel actions, but each must fully resolve before taking the next.

End of Game

The game ends if, at the end of your turn, you have eliminated your opponent from at least 2 of the 3 time boards

Note that if you eliminate yourself from 2 of 3 time boards on YOUR turn, your opponent doesn't win, it's only at the end of your turn that you check for your win (although there's a good chance your opponent will probably win at the end of their next turn, but this isn't guaranteed....)


This game contains 4 modules in addition to the basic game, it's advised to play these games in order from Standard then Chapter 1-4

If you're only playing Standard, read no further

It's also advised to not read ahead for the enjoyment of discovery

It's advised to experience each module three times before moving on to the next one

Unless stated, a module does not use components or actions from previous modules

Chapter 1: Growth

This module adds Seeds, Shrubs, and Trees

Copies can share spaces with Seeds and can treat those spaces as empty. Other objects cannot share spaces with Seeds.

Shrubs are immovable objects and Copies moved into them die

Trees can be pushed and topple over into the adjacent space. If a copy was there, kill it. Toppled trees cannot be pushed and count as immovable objects, so copies moved into them die. If a Tree falls onto a seed, remove the seed. Trees cannot fall onto Shrubs, walls, or other immovable objects. As such, if a Copy is pushed into a tree that can't fall, the copy dies. Trees falling into other trees cause the new trees to fall, if able.


Plant a seed in either your Copies space or a space adjacent to it as long as there isn't a seed already there. On the next time board, place a Shrub in the same space (if empty). On the time board after that, place a tree in the same space (if empty and successfully placed a Shrub before).

Dig up a seed in either your Copies space or a space adjacent to it. On the next time board, remove the Shrub in the same space. On the time board after that, remove the tree in the same space. If there's a toppled tree which used to come from that space (as shown from the direction of the roots) remove this.

Chapter 2: Influence

This module adds Orange Statues, White Statues, and Black Statues

Statues can be pushed or pulled, players can build their specific statue once per game

Statues in earlier time boards affect statues in later time boards, but not the other way round. As such, the later statues will move in the same direction, but not necessarily to the same space

In addition, if the past Statue is moved, the present can't move, then the future statue doesn't move either even if it could.

If a copy is pushed into a statue that cannot be pushed due to restrictions (e.g. a wall) the copy will die


In addition to pushing a statue if moved into as normal, a copy can pull a statue if they start adjacent to it and move away from it. However, a copy is not required to pull, it just has the option.

Once per game, you may build your statue and then create copies in the later time boards (not earlier ones). The original build space needs to be empty, but the copy spaces do not. The later time board spaces which were occupied, the moveable copies or objects in them are moved in the same direction as the placement direction. If the occupied space was occupied by something that can't be moved, instead move the statue in the opposite direction to the placement direction. This extra movement is then copied into the future, if applicable.

Chapter 3: Memory

This module adds Dark Elephants, Light Elephants, Black Hats, and White Hats

Elephants can be trained or wild. Either way, nothing can move into a space with an Elephant, and if a Copy moves into an elephant it dies (the Copy, not the elephant, nothing kills an elephant). In addition, if an elephant moves into a copy, it dies (again, the copy, not elephant)


If adjacent to an elephant, add a hat of your colour to its head, it is now trained by you. If it used to be trained by your opponent, return their hat to their supply. If you already had a trained elephant, change the hat over to the new elephant. All future versions of the same elephant gain a hat of your colour. As training only affects future elephants, it's possible to train the Dark elephant in the present and future whilst training the Light elephant in the past, or some other combination. You cannot train an elephant that already wears your hat in order to train a later elephant that does not wear your hat. In addition, if you train the past elephant, this can only give the future elephant a hat, if the present elephant was NOT wearing your hat.

Command an elephant in your Copy's time board to move a space orthogonally

Chapter 4: Convergence

This chapter does not introduce any new rules or components, but instead randomly combines 2 of the 3 previous modules (so can be re-playable in 3 different ways: 1-2, 1-3, 2-3)

4: Growth-Influence Clarifiers

If a Statue moves into a Seed, remove the Seed

Statues can't be built on Seeds

If there are multiple effects at the same time, all Removing happens first, then all Placing, then all Moving.

Statues can't be pushed into Shrubs or Fallen Trees

Statues CAN be pushed into Trees

Trees can be toppled into Statues then the Statue is moved

4: Growth-Memory Clarifiers

Elephants can move into seeds, shrubs, or fallen trees, then the object the Elephant moved into is removed

Elephants can move into trees, which then topple

Trees cannot topple onto elephants

4: Influence-Memory Clarifiers

Elephants can move statues

Elephants can pull statues

Statues cannot be built on elephants

Statues cannot be pushed into elephants