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Krosmaster Arena is a strategy game where your goal is to eliminate the opposing Krosmasters without losing yours.

To win, you will have to put the GG counter (the number of stars under your opponent's nickname) at zero.

There are 3 methods to do this:

- Kill an opposing Krosmaster to steal their Level in GG. The level of a Kros is equivalent to its value in combat. It is indicated on the card of each figurine.

- Double the tension jets to make everyone lose 1GG. Dice rolled at the start of the player's turn, granting a power to a Krosmaster during a turn or giving you coins in exchange (Kamas).

- Buy 1GG from your opponent by spending 12 Kamas, once placed on a Demon Box.

At the start each player has 6GG, plus a wild (neutral) GG which will always be lost first.

Each team must be made up of 3 to 8 Krosmasters, totalling 12 levels. They vary from 1 (weak) to 6 (strong).

Each Krosmaster has its own characteristics.

- Name: The maximum number of duplicates in a team depends on its name color: 1x Gold, 2x White, 3x Black.

- Level: A Krosmaster's combat power.

- Initiative (flash): Defines the order of play within your team. The highest total Initiative of a team determines the 1st player.

- Movement Pts (MP): Number of spaces a Krosmaster can move each turn.

- Life Pts (LP): Number of wounds a Krosmaster can take before being knocked out.

- Action Points (AP): Used to cast spells and / or perform actions (pick up a coin, buy, ...)

Each also has Spells with very specific effects (attack, heal, boost, debuff, placement, summon, ...)

- Range: Either Personal (self), Melee (adjacent), or composed of a minimum and maximum OP. Most spells require a line of sight, which means no obstacle between the caster and its target (tree or Krosmaster). The bushes are not obstacles. A Green Range can be modified (+ 1PO by mounting on a Cashier for example), while the Red Range is not.

- Damage: The color indicates the Element (Air, Water, Fire, Earth, Neutral, Care or Nothing)

- Cost: Mainly in AP, but may also require the use of MPor self-injury.

Some powers are specific to Krosmasters.

On the Demon Boxes you can spend your Kamas in order to equip Boosts or Equipment on your Krosmasters, making them more resistant, fast or powerful. Do not neglect this aspect of the game, it is almost impossible to win without using Kamas.


Generally speaking, if the player opposite has more than 150 ELO points, you can certainly ask them for advice. The spirit of the Krosmaster community is cordial, and the game is both exciting and complex. It will be a pleasure for us to accompany you in your first games ^^ Contact persons recommended for any questions: [Neuros] [Achille127] [Percimou]

Here are some ways to start:

- Play "placers" (King Mint, Grougalorasalar, Khan Karkass, ...) BEFORE your "batters" (Sphincter Cell, Dragon Pig, Joris Swashbuckler), so that they can reach opposing Kros. One of the key elements to surprise the enemy is movement.

- Pay attention to your basic diversity. The more you have different Elements within your team, the more often the RD will be profitable for you.

- It will often happen that you are surprised and reached when you think you are safe. Don't worry, it's the kind of thing that comes with experience. We count like this: PM + PO + potential investment + potential R&D. If in doubt, be careful, but do not stay at the bottom of the map the whole game so far ^^ Krosmaster is a game of exchange and frank melee, do not forget;)

You probably know enough to discover the game, so good luck!