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The objective of the game is to use your companions to gain experience by exploring dungeons and fighting monsters. The game consists of 3 delves.

Player's Turn

The adventurer rolls all 7 party dice to determine their companions.

Monster Phase

  • Only active Party dice may be used, never Party dice in the Graveyard.
  • When used, Party dice are first placed into the Graveyard, and then their effects are carried out.
  • Roll a number of dungeon dice equals to the level (up to 10) as the monsters.
  • Set aside all dragons: they cannot be rerolled.
  • The adventurer can use a scroll to reroll any number of party and/or dungeon dice.
    • Tip: when using a scroll or fighting monsters, the adventurer must first move all dice they want to use to the Playing Area (dungeon dice and party dice).
  • The adventurer uses their companions to fight monsters. Companion dice are moved to the graveyard after use.
  • The adventurer can use their hero's specialty (multiple uses per delve) or their ultimate ability (one use per delve).
  • If the monsters are defeated, proceed to the loot phase. Otherwise, the adventurer flees and gain no experience (but keeps any treasure tokens they have).
  • Dungeon dice are returned to the available pool when defeated or discarded.

Loot Phase

  • A thief or a champion can be used to open any number of chests. Other companion types can only open a single chest.
  • The adventurer gets a treasure for each opened chest. If there are no treasures left, use an experience as a replacement.
  • Any party dice can be used to quaff any number of potions. A potion can revive a companion with its face chosen by the adventurer.

Dragon Phase

  • When there are 3 or more dragon dice in the lair, the Dragon arrives and attacks the adventurer.
  • A dragon needs 3 different types of companions (die faces not including scrolls) to be defeated (except with certain special abilities). Hero abilities that allow one type of companion to act as another allow two dice showing the same die face to be counted as two different types of companions.
  • If the dragon is not defeated, the adventurer flees and gain no experience (but keeps any treasure tokens).
  • If the dragon is defeated, the adventurer gains a treasure token and 1 experience.

Regroup Phase

  • The adventurer can choose between retire to the tavern or seek glory.
  • If the adventurer chooses to retire, they collect the number of experience as the level just completed. The current delve is over.
  • If the adventurer chooses to seek glory, they move on to the next level with all remaining active dice and any treasure tokens. The number of dungeon dice increases by 1 for the new level (Level 1 uses 1 dungeon die, Level 2 uses 2 dungeon dice, etc).
  • After completing Level 10, the adventurer has cleared the entire dungeon and must retire.

Party Dice

Companion Types

  • A mage (blue wizard's hat icon) can open a single chest, defeat a goblin, a skeleton, or any number of oozes.
  • A cleric (grey hammer with halo icon) can open a single chest, defeat a goblin, an ooze, or any number of skeletons.
  • A fighter (green crossed swords icon) can open a single chest, defeat a skeleton, an ooze, or any number of goblins.
  • A thief (purple eye mask icon) can only defeat a single monster, but can open any number of chests.
  • A champion (yellow winged helmet icon) can defeat any number of monsters of a single type or open any number of chests.

All die faces allow any number of potions to be quaffed.

  • The scroll (orange icon) is the sixth party die face and allows any number of Monster (except dragon faces) and Party dice to be rerolled.


  • Mages specialize fighting against oozes (magical enemies)
  • Clerics specialize fighting against skeletons (undead enemies)
  • Fighters specialize fighting against goblins (physical enemies)
  • Thieves specialize opening chests (loot)
  • Champions can do it all, but the party cannot defeat a Dragon without help from other companion types


Treasures tokens are collected by opening chests and defeating dragons. Treasures are kept for future delves even if the adventurer has to flee the dungeon. Each treasure token can be used only once per game and there are a certain number of them available per game. In the rare case that all treasure tokens have been collected in a game, then 1 experience point is awarded to the adventurer opening a chest instead of a token. At the end of the game, unused treasure tokens are worth 1 experience point each unless specified.

  • (3) Vorpal Sword (green sword icon): Use as a fighter companion.
  • (3) Talisman (grey skull necklace icon): Use as a cleric companion.
  • (3) Scepter of Power (blue flaming eye icon): Use as a mage companion.
  • (3) Thieves' Tools (purple dagger & lockpicks icon): Use as a thief companion.
  • (3) Scroll (orange scroll icon): Use as a scroll.
  • (4) Ring of Invisibility (orange ring icon): Evade an attacking dragon (discarding all dragon dice and ending the phase), but do not collect any treasures.
  • (6) Dragon Scales (yellow scale/shield icon): Each pair of scales is worth 2 additional experience points.
  • (3) Elixir (orange flask with stopper icon): Use as a potion.
  • (4) Dragon Bait (red meat icon): Transform all monster die faces to dragon die faces, and move them to the dragon's lair.
  • (4) Town Portal (cyan circle with townscape icon): Use instead of fleeing (when unable to defeat monsters or dragons) in order to still collect experience points equal to the level. If unused at the end of the game it is worth 2 points instead of 1.

Hero Powers

Heros are avatars that represents adventurers. All heros (except Hero Pack 2) begin the game on its novice side, and is flipped to the master side when 5 experiences is gained. Each hero has a specialty (use as many times as you like) and ultimate ability (usable once per delve).

Basic Heroes

  • Crusader/Paladin: Fighters and clerics used as each other (specialty), used as a fighter or cleric (novice ultimate), discard a treasure to defeat all monsters, open all chests, quaff all potions and discard all dragons (master ultimate)
  • Enchantress/Beguiler: Scrolls used as any companion (specialty), transform a monster to a potion (novice ultimate), transform 2 monsters to a potion (master ultimate)
  • Half-Goblin/Chieftain: Open chests and quaff potions at any time (specialty), transform a goblin to thief (novice ultimate), transform 2 goblins to thieves (master ultimate)
  • Knight/Dragon Slayer: Scrolls become champions (novice specialty), novice and 1 less dice used to defeat a dragon (master specialty), transform all monster to dragons (ultimate)
  • Mercenary/Commander: Reroll any number of dice when forming the party (novice specialty), fighters defeat 1 extra monster (master specialty), defeat up to 2 monsters (novice ultimate), reroll any number of party and dungeon dice (master ultimate)
  • Minstrel/Bard: Thieves and mages used as each other (novice specialty), novice and champions defeat 1 extra monster (master specialty), discard all dragons (ultimate)
  • Occultist/Necromancer: Clerics and mages used as each other (specialty), transform a skeleton to fighter (novice ultimate), transform 2 skeletons to fighters (master ultimate)
  • Spellsword/Battlemage: Fighters and mages used as each other (specialty), used as a fighter or mage (novice ultimate), discard all dice in dragon's lair (master ultimate)

Hero Pack 1

  • Alchemist/Thaumaturge: Chests become potions (specialty), revive a companion (novice ultimate), revive 2 companions (master ultimate)
  • Archaeologist/Tomb Raider: Draw 2 treasure when forming the party and discard 6 treasrues in the end (specialty), draw and discard 2 treasures (novice ultimate), draw 2 treasures and discard 1 (master ultimate)
  • Dwarf/Berkerser: Start with 5 dice and reroll when champion defeats 2+ monsters (specialty), discard 1 monster for each champion and reroll all champions (novice ultimate), revive 4 companions but cannot retire unless defeating a dragon (master ultimate)
  • Leprechaun/Clurichaun: All poisons become chests but all treasures are discarded (specialty), transform 1 monster into a chest (novice ultimate), transform 2 monsters into a chest (master ultimate)
  • Scout/Dungeoneer: Assign dungeon dice to level 1-3 (specialty), reduce 1 level and retire immediately (novice ultimate), retire immediately (master ultimate)
  • Sorceress/Drake Kin: Discard all dragons when more than 3 (specialty), discard 1 monster for each dragon (novice ultimate), discard 1 type of monster for each dragon (master ultimate)
  • Tracker/Ranger: Reroll 1 goblin once per level (specialty), discard 1 monster of any type (novice ultimate), discard 1 monster of each type (master ultimate)
  • Viking/Undead Viking: Take 5 champions instead of rolling (novice specialty), novice + all skeletons becomes potions (master specialty), discard all dragon dice (ultimate)


  • Guild Leader/Guild Master: Start with 8 dice (specialty), set 1 party/dungeon dice (novice ultimate), set 1 party and dungeon dice (master ultimate)
  • Time Traveller/Time Lady: Set 1 dice of each type and 1 champion (specialty), discard 1 treasure to defeat a dragon (novice ultimate), discard 1 treasure or scroll to defeat a dragon (master ultimate)
Guild Leader Guild Master
Novice Specialty - When forming the party, roll 8 party dice instead of 7. Master Specialty - When forming the party, roll 8 party dice instead of 7.
Novice Ultimate - Calling in a Favor: Set 1 party die OR 1 dungeon die to any face. Master Ultimate - Reinforcements: Set 1 party die AND 1 dungeon die to any face.
Time Traveller Time Lady
Novice Specialty - When forming the party, instead of rolling, set each of the die faces so you have one each of cleric, fighter, mage, thief, and scroll plus two champions. Master Specialty - When forming the party, instead of rolling, set each of the die faces so you have one each of cleric, fighter, mage, thief, and scroll plus two champions.
Novice Ultimate - Future Technology: Discard one of your treasures to defeat a Dragon. Master Ultimate - Super-sonic Future Technology: Discard one of your treasures or a scroll to defeat a Dragon.

Hero Pack 2

  • Alexandra, Keeper of Knowledge: Scrolls used as champions and any companion used as scrolls (specialty), discard 1 scroll to defeat a dragon (ultimate)
  • Amar-Suen, King of the Ancients: Thieves defeat 1 additional monster (specialty), discard all monsters of 1 type and draw 1 treasure per discarded monster (ultimate)
  • Cassandra, the Cursed: Begin each delve exhausted and all companions defeat 1 extra monster when exhausted. When quaffing potions, refresh (specialty), discard 1 potion or 1 chest (ultimate)
  • Lord Yllavyre, Dragon Lord: Set 2 dice to scrolls and discard a scroll to turn a monster to dragon, refresh when facing 3 types (specialty), all dragons become companions and defeat 1 monster or open 1 chest (ultimate)
  • Marpesia, Amazon Queen: Requires 4 dices to summon the dragon and champions kill 1 monster or open 1 chest (specialty), roll all dice from the graveyard, discard scrolls and add the rest to your party (ultimate)
  • Szopin, Infamous Warlord: Refresh when defeating 2+ monsters with 1 companion (specialty), discard 2 dungeon dice (ultimate)
  • Tou'lak, Minotaur Chieftain: May reroll 1 monster each level (specialty), discard all monsters (ultimate)
  • Tristan, Lone Mercenary: Draw 1 treasure when defeating 2+ monsters with 1 companion, use 1 treasure to refresh (specialty), reroll any number of dungeon dice (ultimate)

End of Game

The game ends after each player has had 3 delves. The player with the highest total experience is the winner! In the case of a tie, the tied player with the fewest treasure tokens is the winner. If still tied, the tied players rejoice in a shared victory.

When playing with solo mode. Play three rounds with the normal rules and go for the best score. Ranking of scores is as follows:

Points Title
0-15 Dragon fodder
16-23 Village Hero
24-29 Seasoned Explorer
30-34 Champion
35+ Hero of Ages