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Play cards to change rules and collect keepers, then set a goal for you to win! Just beware: this party game is nearly chaos!


  • Place the basic rules (draw 1, play 1) and deal 3 cards to each player.
  • On your turn, draw and play cards as required.
  • If the played card is a rule card, apply immediately and discard any contradicting rules.
  • If it is a keeper card, you collect the keeper.
  • If it is a goal card, replace the old goal with the new goal.
  • If it is an action, apply it immediately then discard.
  • After you play the cards required (and activate any extra actions), discard cards down to the hand and keeper limit.

End of the Game

  • The game ends if someone meets the condition of the current goal. That player wins immediately even if out of turn.
  • If two or more players meet the winning condition, play until a single winner remains.


  • Creeper Pack: 4 creepers are added to the game. When a creeper is drawn it is played immediately and another card is redrawn. When you have a creeper you cannot win unless a card said otherwise.