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Attack and Defend with your cards, if you win against an attack you get a go, if you lose against an attack you are skipped. Cards are 6-A with trumps.


The active attacker plays any card of their choosing

The player to their left is the defender

To successfully defend, you must either play a higher rank card or a trump

If you fail to defend, you must take all played cards into your hand. In addition, other players may give the defender cards from their hand if they match the rank of an attacking or defending card played so far. Then the player to the defender's left becomes the new attacker

If you successfully defend, the original attacker has the opportunity to attack again. However, for every subsequent attack, the rank of the new attack card must match a card already played (attack or defend). If the current attacker cannot meet this requirement, the attack opportunity passes to the player on the defender's left and so on to give all other players a chance to attack. The maximum number of attacks across all players for a round is 6. However, if all other players pass consecutively, the round may also end early.

If the defender successfully defends against 6 attacks, or less if the attackers forfeit, all played cards are discarded. The defender becomes the new first attacker, and the player to their left is the new defender.

Regardless of whether a round of attacks ended in success or defeat for the defender, all players draw up to a minimum hand size of 6. The original attacker draws first, followed by the other attackers in clockwise order, finally the defender draws. This is mainly to facilitate order of draw for when the deck is running out.

The last player still holding cards after the deck runs out loses.