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Satisfy customers with your desserts to collect enough customers and win the game.


  • Deal 3 desserts to each player.
  • Deal 3 guests to the centre of the table.

On Your Turn

  • Draw a dessert and draw a guest to the centre of the table.
  • Choose 1 action out of 3:
  • Satisfy Customers: Discard dessert cards to fully satisfy all of a guest's cravings without giving him anything that he refuses, then move that guest in front of you. If you use his favorite, draw a dessert. You can serve at most 2 customers.
  • Go back to the Kitchen: Draw a dessert.
  • Dump your Tray: Discard any number of desserts and draw the same number back.
  • If there are any guests with duplicate suits at the end of a turn, remove guests until there is at most 1 of each suit remaining. The most recently departed guest can also be served.


  • You win if you have three guests of the same suit or five guests of all different suits.
  • If no one achieved victory when all guests are served, everyone score 1 for each guest and 1 for each pair of matching guest. The highest score wins.
  • In case of a tie, whoever has the most desserts remaining wins.


Poaching and Blocking

  • You may attempt to steal a customer by satisfying him.
  • That player can block by resatisfying him.
  • If you poach with a favorite, it can only be blocked by another favorite.
  • If you are blocked, you take back all the cards you played.
  • A player whose guest is stolen draws a dessert. If any favorites are served, the players draw a card for each favorite.

Opening a Buffet

  • This is a fourth turn option.
  • To open a buffet, you need to play 4 single-flavored cards.
  • If a buffet is opened, all opponents need to put a guest of their choice back to the middle.
  • Then, you draw 3 cards and can serve a guest.


  • The expansions are Just Coffee and Better with Bacon.
  • They provide 6 new desserts and 4 new customers each.
  • Each pack also introduce a new flavor and a new suit.
  • To select these expansions, you must have a premium membership.