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Take turns placing one of your Kittens onto the bed, in any open space available (stitched squares). Graduate your Kittens into Cats by forming a 3-in-a-row line (horizontally, vertically or diagonally). Then line up 3 of your Cats to form another 3-in-a-row to WIN the game! But it isn’t that simple...


On your turn, place a cat/kitten which will in turn boop (push) any adjacent pieces (horizontally, vertically or diagonally) one space away as long as the space the booped piece would move to isn't already filled.

  • - Cats are stronger than Kittens, so Kittens can't boop Cats but Cats can boop Kittens and other Cats
  • - If a boop causes a piece to leave the board, it is removed from the gameboard and returned to the owner's supply to bring back later
  • - Only the piece played this turn can boop, i.e. no chain reaction boops

After resolving any boops, check to see if you have any sets of Cats and/or Kittens that form a 3-in-a-row line:

  • - If any sets are all Cats you win the game
  • - If you have a set of all kittens or a mixture of cats and kittens, remove one of these sets from the gameboard and your supply gains 3 Cats. Note in case of a mixture all cats and kittens are still removed, with the kittens replaced by cats before being returned to your pool. If you have multiple groups of 3-in-a-row, only ONE group can be aged each turn

If (after playing) all 8 of your pieces are still on the board:

  • - If all pieces are cats you win
  • - Otherwise if you can't make a line of 3 Kittens, one Kitten or Cat of your choosing is removed from the game and you gain a single Cat to your supply.