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Build structures brick by brick to satisfy projects and secret missions, whilst maintaining your Inhabitants

Core Concepts

There are two core concepts to keep in mind

Firstly, where you take an action determines what area will be used next, e.g. if you use the top right space of any area, the top right area will be the next used

Secondly, although everyone will get a turn in a round, the next player is decided by the current player out of those who have not taken a turn yet


On a turn, a player may take one or two actions based on their place in turn order

In addition, they may complete a common project &/or use a Ploy

The three actions to choose from are: Construct in an Empty Area, Construct on an Existing Building, Abandon an Existing Building

If a player truly can't do anything in the region they are designated, they can take their action(s) in the region in the next numerical value

Construct in an Empty Area

To build on an empty patch, spend Inhabitants equal to the number on that patch

To build on a Bramble (no value) spend 5 Inhabitants and choose what type of land it becomes

Either way, after which place a floor on the empty space

Construct on an Existing Building

If a player has previously made a floor, they can add a floor to this for the cost of the land as above +1 for each floor already there, e.g. a land cost of 3 with 2 floors already will cost 5 to add the third floor

There is no height limit, but you can only build on your own structures

Abandon a Building

Completely demolish a building, no part deconstructions, completely remove the tower and receive Inhabitants equal to 2 X the cost to build it

Complete a Common Project

As a bonus action, and once per main action (so up to twice per turn) a player can complete a Common Project

A Common Project can only be claimed at the moment a floor is placed which completes its objective

An Objective which requires a certain number of floors desires a MINIMUM number, not an exact number of

The floor which caused the Project to complete receives a roof, which means it can't be built any higher AND it can no longer contribute to other future projects

No other structures which contributed to the objective receive a roof

The player takes the Objective so no one else can claim it and moves forward the depicted number of points

A new common project is then revealed

It is possible for a player to complete the newly revealed project if they completed their first objective with their first action, and have a second action which lets them complete the newly revealed project

Secret Missions are similar to Common Projects except that they are scored at game end

Ploy Tokens

As an addition per action, a player can use a Ploy Token to enact a Ploy

Strategic Movement & Roof Transfer are AS WELL AS the main action

Building Invasion is INSTEAD OF the main action

Strategic Movement

This allows the player to take their action(s) in the region one value higher or one value lower than their current location

1 & 7 wrap round

Roof Transfer

This allows the player to move a roof from their current area to another area as long as the land types match

Building Invasion

This allows the player to take control of another player's structure and turn it into their own

To do this, the active player must pay double the cost of building the structure and the passive player gains double the cost of building the structure (as if it were an Abandon action from their perspective)

Territory Control & Preparations

After all players have had a turn, the current round ends

In each region, the player with the most floors gains 2 inhabitants, or 1 each if two players are tied

The player who played last this round now becomes first player for the next round

Game End

Once a player plays their final floor (even if they use their second action to gain floors back) the current round is finished properly and the game ends

Players all reveal their Secret Missions and score these as depicted

Players gain or lose points depending on how much or how few inhabitants they have

The player with the most points wins!