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The first player to collect the required number of cards of any one species wins the game.

Bears Deer Hares Squirrels
Nbr of required cards

to win

3 4 5 6


On your turn, you can send any number of hunter cards from you hand to go hunting. You can either send them to a random hunt or participate in a previously-started hunt.

If you go for a random hunt, an animal card is revealed. If the sum of you played hunter card is greater or equal to the value on the animal card, you successfully hunt, collecting the animal card and discarding the used hunters. If your hunter cards do not add up to the value of the animal, both the animal and your hunters stay on the table.

Instead of a random hunt, you can join a hunt by adding your hunters to the ones already chasing an animal on the table. If the new combined total of all hunters adds up to the value of the animal, you get to collect it, and all used hunters are discarded.

Players keep taking turns until a victory condition is reached or no one has cards left in their hand, ending the round.

Between the rounds

You can trade some of your collected animals to acquire dogs. Starting from the player with the first player marker, you can trade animals with a total value of 8+ to take one of the available dog cards in your hand. You can trade as many times as you wish.

Dog cards can be used alongside your hunter cards, but you can never send a hunting party with only dogs.

The first player marker goes to the player who has the highest total of collected cards.

All players take back their hunter cards in their hand.


Fox cards act as wilds for completing any winning collection.

In between rounds, you can also trade 1 fox for 2 dog cards.

Card distribution

Nbr of animal cards per value
Value 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Squirrels 11 10 9
Hares 8 7 6 5
Deer 6 5 4 4
Bears 4 4 3 2
Fox 8