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Each player places 4 tokens in their waiting area.

  • • Quick start: Each player places a token in the waiting area at their starting space.

Game play

At the start of each turn, a 6-sided die is rolled. Rolling a 6 grants an extra turn.

The turn player may move a token already on the track according to the rolled die face. Tokens move clockwise following the track.

If a 6 is rolled, the player may enter a token from the waiting area to the starting space instead.

  • • No starter limit: Any roll can move a token out of the waiting area.

When a token advances to a space with tokens of other colors, those tokens are captured and returned to their waiting area.

  • • Safety spaces: Spaces with a shield are safety spaces where tokens cannot be captured.
  • • Capture bonus: Capturing a token grants an extra turn per captured token as well.

Colored columns are 'home columns' where only the tokens of the same color can enter.

All home columns lead to the home space (the center of the board). Entering the home space removes the token from the board.

  • • Home bonus: Entering the home space grants an extra turn as well.

All extra turns are forfeited when the player cannot move any tokens.

The turn passes clockwise.

The game ends when a player advances all tokens to home space, removing all of their tokens on the board.


Each player scores points equal to the number of their tokens entered the home space.

If tied, the number of remaining tokens out of the waiting area breaks the tie. If still tied, advanced spaces total of remaining tokens breaks the tie.