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The aim is to get rid of all your cards first


On a turn, as the active player, lay as many cards in a run of the same suit as you can, this can start at any point i.e. A start is fine, but also 5 start

After which, the other players can try to continue, so if you laid A 2 3 4, they can add 5 6 7 ... or just 5 or pass

If going round the players, a King is played, that player ends the run and can start a new run in a suit of their choosing

If the available cards in hand means no one can continue the sequence, the last player to play a card can start a new sequence


Whoever completes a sequence, either by King or default high card, gets 1 counter of each other player

In addition, if the final card was an honour (King, Queen, Jack, 10, 7), they also receive all counters found in the corresponding box

End Round

The round ends when one player has played all their cards

All other players total up their hand debt, Face cards worth 10, Aces worth 1, and number cards their number value. This debt is then paid to the player who emptied their hand

A player will have to double their debt if any of the following applies: the player who played their last card was the only player to play that sequence, a player holds the 7 of Diamonds, a player holds an Honour card

Game End

After the final round is played, total up the points, and the player with the most wins