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Ensure one of the factions you support wins whilst providing the best support for that faction


On your turn, first play a card from your hand and activate its effect OR discard up to 3 cards facedown into the Wilderness

After which, draw back up to 4 cards from either the faceup Tavern or the facedown Harbour deck

After which, discard down to 3 cards facedown to the Wilderness

Some Heroes are played hidden, and these may be later revealed but their actions won't be triggered, hidden heroes do NOT count towards end game trigger but do count for scoring

Game End

The game ends when a player has a certain number of visible heroes based on the player count (5-8)

After which, first determine the winning faction

Undead win if red & green are both in the dark spaces, if this causes a tie with the other win conditions Undead win

Water Folk win if red & green are in the same space or on adjacent spaces

Empire wins if red is at least 2 spaces ahead of green

Tribes win if green is at least 2 spaces ahead of red

If your secret leader matches the winning team, you MAY win

If you are the ONLY player with a matching leader, you win!

If multiple players match, the player with the most heroes of the winning faction wins!

If tied, the player with the lowest total heroes wins!

If still tied, the leader with the highest card number wins!

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