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The structure of the game resembles that of Yahtzee (and variants). Players take turns trying to achieve the scores in the table (1 to 20). Maximum 2 rerolls per turn.

A result can be scored if it has not previously been scored by the player. If the player fails (after three rolls), a score must be crossed out.

The game ends after 20 rounds.

Inverted dice sums

The result of a roll is the sum of the values that are not seen in the roll. However, there are two ways to find the result of a roll, since it can also be calculated as 21 minus each unique value that are seen in the roll.


Method 1: Summing up values that are not shown:

ExtraSmallDie2.png ExtraSmallDie3.png ExtraSmallDie5.png ExtraSmallDie5.png ExtraSmallDie6.png is 5 since ExtraSmallDie1.png + ExtraSmallDie4.png is 5 (neither ExtraSmallDie1.png nor ExtraSmallDie4.png is shown).

ExtraSmallDie1.png ExtraSmallDie1.png ExtraSmallDie4.png ExtraSmallDie5.png ExtraSmallDie6.png is also 5 since ExtraSmallDie2.png + ExtraSmallDie3.png is 5.

ExtraSmallDie4.png ExtraSmallDie4.png ExtraSmallDie5.png ExtraSmallDie6.png ExtraSmallDie6.png is 6 since ExtraSmallDie1.png + ExtraSmallDie2.png + ExtraSmallDie3.png is 6.

ExtraSmallDie1.png ExtraSmallDie1.png ExtraSmallDie2.png ExtraSmallDie2.png ExtraSmallDie3.png is 15 since 4 + 5 + 6 is 15.

Method 2: 21 minus each unique shown value:

ExtraSmallDie1.png ExtraSmallDie2.png ExtraSmallDie2.png ExtraSmallDie3.png ExtraSmallDie3.png is 15 since ExtraSmallDie1.png + ExtraSmallDie2.png + ExtraSmallDie3.png is 6 (only count each shown value once), and 21 – 6 is 15.

ExtraSmallDie1.png ExtraSmallDie1.png ExtraSmallDie1.png ExtraSmallDie2.png ExtraSmallDie2.png is 18 since ExtraSmallDie1.png + ExtraSmallDie2.png is 3, and 21 – 3 is 18.

ExtraSmallDie1.png ExtraSmallDie2.png ExtraSmallDie2.png ExtraSmallDie2.png ExtraSmallDie2.png is also 18 since ExtraSmallDie1.png + ExtraSmallDie2.png is 3, and 21 – 3 is 18.

ExtraSmallDie5.png ExtraSmallDie5.png ExtraSmallDie6.png ExtraSmallDie6.png ExtraSmallDie6.png is 10 since ExtraSmallDie5.png + ExtraSmallDie6.png is 11, and 21 – 11 is 10.


First, all five dice are rolled.

Then, the player has up to two rerolls to obtain a desired result (not previously scored by the player). Click dice to select them, and button to reroll.

If the result after three rolls is not available in the score table, the player scores 0 that round and must choose a score to cross out.


At the end of the twentieth round, sum up all the scores you managed to achieve.

In addition, there are bonus awards:
If you have all scores from 1 to 5, you get 50 points.
If you have all scores from 6 to 15, you get 50 points.
If you have all scores from 16 to 20, you get 50 points.

If your total score is 290 or higher, you earn the Inverted Master achievement.
If your total score is 360, you earn the Inverted Grandmaster achievement.

The player with the most points wins!