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The number of rounds left is indicated by the number on the board revealed as the engineer tiles move.

Points are scored at the end of every round based on the extent of the different coloured tracks along each railroad 'as far as your locomotive can reach' (note that you only score for your highest coloured track and not every track - therefore you would score only 2 points for a track that was brown (you do not score points for the grey track that has also passed) - also note that you can benefit from a tile that increases the value of the 3 highest tracks which are seen in the bracketed values below) and the progress of the marker on the industry track. There are also some minor points earned from taking some of the engineer actions and some based on turn order.

Points per segment:

Track Points
Black 0
Grey 1
Brown 2(3)
Natural 4(6)
White 7(10)

There is a ? token that will revalue the brown, natural and white tracks to the numbers in brackets. There are also doubler tiles that will double the value of each track that reaches a single section (can only be placed on the first railroad).

Points are scored at the end of the game for hiring the most engineers and for end game bonus cards. Note you must hire at least one engineer to qualify for the most engineers second place. Tie breaker: engineer with the highest number.

Tracks can only be laid along the railroad in colour order. Black > grey > brown > natural > white. Only one track can be placed on each railroad space. So you must move your black along to be able to move your grey and so on.

Some of the railroad spaces provide advantages when you reach them. Some of these only require track of a certain colour to reach the space, others require track and the locomotive to reach the space (indicated by the + locomotive icon).

The locomotive and factory tiles are double sided. All locomotives of each level have the same factory action on the reverse. You can only buy the least powerful locomotive level, so only a certain factory action will be available to start with. However once players start to discard locomotives as they replace them with more powerful ones later on then there will be more choice of factory.

The factory actions on the back of the locomotives are:

  1. Score the number of engineers you have
  2. Build a locomotive or factory
  3. Perform a single worker action a second time
  4. Place two doublers
  5. Advance industry one space
  6. Gain 1 rouble
  7. Advance 2 tracks of any colour
  8. Score the sum of best 2 locomotive
  9. Take any end game bonus card or score 10 points immediately

Factory actions are performed when the industry marker passes the factory and can be performed twice if the second industry marker is on the track as well.

Four of the advantage spaces have a ? icon and there are 7 ? tokens to choose from:

  • Advance 4 tracks of any colour
  • Advance 5 industry
  • Place 3 doublers
  • Re-evaluate the track scores
  • Place the second industry marker on the industry track
  • Place the Kiev medal
  • Use the effect of a ? card and take an end game bonus card to score at the end of the game.

There are five ? cards to choose from with the last ? token:

  • Place 1 doubler, advance industry once, advance 1 black rail once, and choose one of these 3 effects to do again
  • Take the engineer and 1 rouble from this card
  • Build a factory and advance industry twice
  • Take the black worker
  • Take the #9 locomotive from this card

The black worker is a permanent extra worker that, when used on an action space providing black rail advancement, gives an additional black rail advancement.

End Game Bonus Cards

  • score 15 points.
  • score 10 points per completed railroad (max. 30 points).
  • score 4 points per factory in your industry track (max. 20 points).
  • score 20 points if you have 4, 5, or 6 doublers above the Trans-siberian. If you have 7 or 8 doublers, score 30 points.
  • add the numbers on your locomotives and score that many points.
  • this card counts as an additional engineer when determining the player with the most engineers.
  • score the sum of the 3 spaces reached by your black tracks.
  • score 10 points per extra worker you acquired during the game. This includes both extra workers of your color and the black worker (max. 30 points).
  • score 7 points per token on your board (max. 28 points).
  • score 6 points per hired engineer. (The engineer from the End Bonus card, seen above, does not count for this.)