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The end goal for this game is to be the player with the largest pile of wealth.

The game is played over seven turns and on three different boards. The boards represent the same region over three different periods: the Age of Might, the Age of Faith, and the Age of Reason.

There are 155 building tiles, in three colors. --Military buildings are orange. --Religious buildings are fuschia. --Civil buildings are blue.

The following phases are played by each player during their turn.

    I. Exchange all or a part of your Construction Card hand.
   II. The Action Phase:
       1. Travel in time.
       2. Use Construction Cards to construct, demolish, upgrade, populate, or renovate a building. Note: certain buildings award an immediate Ecu bonus 
          when they are constructed.
  III. Discard all remaining unused Construction Cards and draw 4 new ones.
   IV. Pocket Earnings from domains (only on turns 4 and 7).

When a player finishes a game turn, the player to their left starts their own. When the turn comes back to the first player, the Turn Indicator pawn moves up a notch.