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The game is played with a deck and two discard piles. Each player has a hand of cards and an area of played cards in front of them: you score for your cards irrespective of whether they are in your hand or in front of you.

Turn structure

1. Draw


  • • Draw two cards from the deck, keeping one and discarding the other to either discard pile (if either discard pile is empty, you must discard to that one)
  • • Draw the top card from either discard pile

2. Duo

If you have a "duo" of cards in your hand that can be played in a pair, you may play them to the table to trigger their effect:

  • Pair of crabs = take a card of your choice from either discard pile (opponents do not see what you took)
  • Pair of boats = take another turn
  • Pair of fish = draw a card from the deck
  • Shark + swimmer = steal a random card from another player's hand

3. Call

If you now have seven or more points' worth of cards (both in your hand and in front of you), you may choose to call either:

  • "STOP" = round ends immediately, each player scores their points. No one scores a color bonus.
  • "LAST CHANCE" = every other player gets one more turn. This is a bet that you have the most points. The bet is scored as follows.
    • • If the caller has the highest (or equal highest) card score they score those points plus their color bonus. Other players score only their own color bonus.
    • • If another player beat their card score, the caller scores only their color bonus and all other players score their own card score.

(A player's color bonus is the number of cards they have in their most plentiful color.)

Special case: If the deck is empty at the end of a player's turn, the round ends immediately with no scoring.

End of game

A game for 2/3/4 players ends when somebody passes 40/35/30 points. Highest score wins, tie broken by whoever went last in the last round. 4 mermaids instantly wins the game.

List of cards

Type (written in small writing on the bottom left of the card in the help panel)

  • 9 x Crab
  • 8 x Boat
  • 7 x Fish
  • 5 x Shark + 5 x Swimmer
  • 4 x Mermaid
  • 6 x Shell
  • 5 x Octopus
  • 3 x Penguin
  • 2 x Sailor (anchor icon)
  • 1 x Lighthouse
  • 1 x Shoal of fish
  • 1 x Penguin Colony
  • 1 x Captain

Colours (displayed in the colour helper)

  • 9 x Dark Blue
  • 9 x Light Blue
  • 8 x Black
  • 8 x Yellow
  • 6 x Green
  • 4 x White
  • 4 x Purple
  • 4 x Gray
  • 3 x Light Orange
  • 3 x Pink
  • 1 x Orange