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Win 2 Rounds by placing Coffee cards on your display, manipulating your and your opponent's previously played cards, and scoring objectives from your played cards at the end of a round


On a turn, both players pick a single card and reveal simultaneously

The player who played the higher number plays first (ties are resolved by the colour priority, which is chosen at the start by the players, the losing player of the last round picks first)

Your card is placed in your area and you may resolve its effect

Once one player has 5 cards, the other player can play up to 2 more to try to reach 5 and then the round ends (some cards may have been removed due to effects) The bonus 2 cards cannot affect the opponent as they are considered finished for the round and thus protected

Round Scoring

Each card has a scoring opportunity which can be fulfilled once only (e.g. if you have the opportunity for scoring 5 points for 2 same numbers next to each other, having 2 pairs does nothing extra)

If a deck card is placed between the players, this can either double or triple the scoring of that card as one edge shows 2 cups (for doubling) and the other edge shows 3 cups (for tripling)

The cards will state how they score, but for general purposes:

• White blank cards mean any colour

• Brown blank cards mean a specific colour of your choice

• White X cards means a specific number of your choice

• A curve underneath the cards means adjacent

• A Deck card means there needs to be a card face down in front of this card

The player with the highest score gains 1 Tip

If there's a tie, the player with the highest number of the primary colour gains the Tip

End Game

The game ends immediately when one player gains their second Tip and wins