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Game Board

The game board consists of three sections: two player sections called "planets" and a central section known as the "sky." Each planet has five slots horizontally and four vertically. The sky has five slots horizontally and two vertically. On the left side of the screen is the scoring area where scored game pieces or "Bubblees" are placed.

How to Play

In each turn, except for the first turn, the player takes two Bubblees from the bag and fills the empty spots in the sky. (Occasionally there is a third empty spot. That one is filled as well.) The player may choose to swap two adjacent Bubblees of their choice. They must then select two adjacent Bubblees to fall from the sky onto their planet. At least one Bubblee must be from the side of the sky closest to their planet. The next player must then fill the slots in the sky that their opponent took Bubblees from.


Players earn points by scoring three same-colored Bubblees in a row. They can be either in a vertical or horizontal line. Those three, plus any same-colored Bubblees directly adjacent to them, are removed from the board. Each removed Bubblee is worth one point.


Each time a player matches three Bubblees in a row, they receive a power related to the color of Bubblees they scored. When multiple sets are scored simultaneously, the player can choose which power to use first. When more than one set is scored in the same turn but not simultaneously, the powers are used in order of the matches made. Below is a list of the powers associated with each color Bubblee. Note that in the base game, only black, blue, purple, yellow, red, and green Bubblees are used. Players on Board Game Arena also have the choice of using the expansion pack, where players have the choice of swapping in orange and/or white.

Black: Cannot be removed or scored by making matches, except with powers.

Blue: Player may select one Bubblee from their opponent's side of the sky to fall to their planet.

Purple: Player may select one uncovered Bubblee from their planet to send to their opponent's planet.

Yellow: Player may select one uncovered Bubblee from their planet to move to the scoring area.

Red: Player may swap two adjacent Bubblees on their opponent's planet.

Green: Player may swap two adjacent Bubblees on their planet.

Orange: Player may take one uncovered Bubblee from their opponent's planet or scoring area.

White: Player may push one black Bubblee up the bottom of one of their opponent's columns.

End of Game

The game ends when there are not enough Bubblees to fill the sky or one player overfills a column on their planet, causing a Bubblee to remain in the sky. In the first case, the player with the most points wins. In the second, the player who did not overfill their planet wins. It is also possible to end the game with a tie.