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Have the LOWEST score.

[Fast Tutorial]


Place a card from your hand onto the previously played card. If your card is ...

lower value, end your turn.

higher value, draw a new card then end your turn.

same value, play again.

Round End

When a player has three cards or fewer at their turn end, they trigger round end.

That player places their remaining cards facedown in front of them.

The remaining players continue to play, but if anyone else reaches three or less cards they do the same.

If it comes round to a player with no hand cards, they instead reveal a facedown card.

When a player reveals their final facedown card, this is the end of a round and that player takes the Mojo card.

Faceup cards and hand cards count for scoring (facedown cards do not).

Out of all of these, for each colour take your highest number, then add together your highest value of each colour and this is your score.

If you hold the Mojo and your score is lower than anyone else, actually score 0.

If you hold the Mojo and someone else has a lower score than you, gain 10 points to your score.

Turn the Mojo to the 0 or +10 side as rewarded, then place it back in the center to start a new round (this determines turn order).

Unless the game end is triggered, play a new round.

Game End

The game ends when a player reaches or exceeds 50 points.

The player(s) with the lowest points, wins!