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Be the first to reach the opposite corner of your color.

On your turn, you can either move your character 1 space or place a wall anywhere on the board to block off two edges.

If playing in fast mode, you can do both on your turn- move 1 space and place a wall- or you can skip placing a wall.


You can move to an adjacent hex, as long as there is no wall between the two hexes.

You cannot enter a colored hex that isn't of your color.

You can enter an hex already occupied with another character. In this case, you have to make a second move action, to an adjacent hex that isn't occupied by a character (meaning you cannot jump over multiple characters in a turn).


You have a limited personal supply for walls.

The 2 parts of your walls must be between hexes (you can't place walls that would be half out of the board).

You can never place a wall that would completely prevent a character from reaching its goal (you must always leave a legal path for every character).