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Deplete your enemy's health to eliminate them and win the battle.

Turn Sequence

Each turn is split into 2 stages: Gain and Combat.

Stage 1: Gain

In the Gain stage gather the dice earned by your creatures. Each creature in a player's army has a gain section. This determines the dice earned. The dice are then rolled. The wildcard symbol can be used in place of any other dice symbol.

Stage 2: Combat

In the Combat stage, players can use the actions available on their cards in any order. The player cannot use the same card action twice during the same turn. For the first turn, players may only cast and defend.

Matching Symbols

When using an action, the player must match all symbols needed for that action with symbols on the player's rolled dice. Those dice are then discared to activate the action. Some actions require creatures to be discarded. Any defense tokens associated with a discarded creature are removed. Once a player acquires a card, it can be used immediately if the player has the available symbols on the player's rolled dice.


Attack does damage to your opponent. If your opponent has active defense tokens, they may discard tokens equivalent to the damage. Otherwise the attack decreases your opponent's health. The defending player chooses which tokens are discarded. If your attack removes all your opponent's defense tokens, any damage left over decreases their health.


Heal increases the player's health. The player cannot heal over the maximum health of 30.


Steal does damage to your opponent like Attack and can increase your health. You gain health equal to the health lost by your opponent. Defense tokens prevent this.


Defend adds defense tokens to the chosen ability. These active defense tokens are used to defend against an opponent's attack. The player cannot activate a creature's defense if there are already active defense tokens on it.

Spell Sets / Rituals

Each player may only have a maximum of 6 spell sets and rituals. If the player learns a spell set or ritual over the maximum of 6, they can sacrifice one of their existing spell sets or rituals.


Each player may only have a maximum of 6 creatures. If the player summons a creature over the maximum of 6, they can sacrfice one of their existing creatures.


Each player may only have a maximum of 1 aura. The casting of a new aura replaces the player's existing aura.


Each player may only have a maximum of 1 curse. The casting of a new curse replaces the opponent's existing curse. When casting a curse, it is placed on your opponent's player area. Curses last 3 turns and are then discarded.

End Turn

The player may end their turn at any moment during the Combat stage. A maximum of 2 blue dice and 2 red dice can be kept. All other dice are discarded. The kept dice are rerolled on the player's next Gain stage along with any other dice they gain. Play continues to the next player.

End Game

The game ends when one player's health goes to 0. That player is eliminated. The remaining player wins and is declared the greatest summoner in the land.

Dice Sides

Blue Dice

3 Mercury, 2 Salt, 1 Wildcard

Blue Dice - 3 Mercury, 2 Salt, 1 Wildcard

Red Dice

2 Salt, 2 Sulphur, 2 Wildcard

Red Dice - 2 Salt, 2 Sulphur, 2 Wildcard

Strategy Tips

Strategy Tips