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  • 108 cards, containing:
    • 11 gold players
    • 22 silver players
    • 33 bronze players
    • 5 captain players
    • 21 MATCH cards
    • 5 V.A.R. cards
    • 5 BONUS cards
    • 5 TRANSFER CAPTAIN cards
    • 1 Help card
  • 5 Team boards and their supporters boards: blue, green, yellow, red and orange
  • 1 pitch board
  • 2 neutral supporters boards
  • 60 round wooden chips:
    • 22 bronze
    • 22 silver
    • 11 gold
    • 5 diamond (blue)
  • 46 wooden cubes:
    • 12 gold
    • 12 silver
    • 12 bronze
    • 10 in team colours
      2 each, used as markers
  • 25 dice (5 of each colour):
    • 4 6-sided dice
    • 1 8-sided dice
  • 25 crown chips (5 of each colour, used as victory markers)

Player & Cube Values

Colour Points in their

corresponding position


Points in Midfielder.

White 0 0
Bronze 1 (defence or attack) 1 defence
Silver 2 (defence or attack) 1 defence, 1 attack
Gold 3 (defence or attack) (+1 for the opposite position) 2 defence, 2 attack
Diamond 4 (defence or attack) (+1 for the opposite position) 3 attack, 2 defence


  • Every player will have a team board of their choice and their corresponding supporter board (same colour).
  • A team board contains eleven white circles representing their eleven white value players, two team level columns (defence and attack) and the victory symbols.
  • Every player will receive of their same team colour the following: 2 cubes as markers for the team level columns, 5 crown chips as victory markers and 5 dice.
  • The deck will contain all player cards (except the captain cards) and a specific number of event cards (MATCH, V.A.R., BONUS and CAPTAIN TRANSFER) according to the number of players:
2 players15 MATCH cards, 2 V.A.R. cards, 2 BONUS cards. 1 gold cube, 1 silver cube, 1 bronze cube.
3 players17 MATCH cards, 3 V.A.R. cards, 3 BONUS cards. 1 gold cube, 1 silver cube, 2 bronze cube.
4 players19 MATCH cards, 4 V.A.R. cards, 4 BONUS cards. 1 gold cube, 2 silver cube, 2 bronze cube. Optional: 4 CAPTAIN TRANSFER cards.
5 players21 MATCH cards, 5 V.A.R. cards, 5 BONUS cards. 2 gold cube, 2 silver cube, 2 bronze cube. Optional: 5 CAPTAIN TRANSFER cards.
  • The deck will be shuffled and placed in reach for all players.
  • The stadium (bottom of the box) will be in the centre of the table.
  • The neutral supporters will be put in their positions on both short sides of the stadium.
  • Every team will be dealt a number of cubes of each value: gold, silver and bronze depending on the the number of teams in the game. See table.
  • All players will roll one of their 6-sided dice at the same time.
  • The player with the highest roll will be the first “King of the pitch" and will start the game (If there is a draw, the players with the highest numbers will roll again).
  • The King of the pitch will put their supporters board in the stadium on one of the two long sides.
  • Players will take their turns clockwise.
  • Before play starts, 5 cards should be taken from the top of the deck and laid out face up in a horizontal line next to the deck (from left to right).
  • During the game, when a card is taken from the end of the line, the other cards will be shifted to the end of the line and the card on top of the deck will be flipped over to fill the empty space.


  • In a turn, each player must take only one of the following actions:

1 Take one card

  • The last card of the horizontal line may be taken for free.
  • In order to take one of the other four cards the a team must pay the price pictured on the card (cube).
  • If a team buys a MATCH, V.A.R or BONUS card, they will put it face up next to their board. Player cards may keep them secret in their hands.
  • A team cannot have either more than one MATCH card or more than three players cards (no including the CAPTAIN cards).
  • There is no limitation for V.A.R. Or BONUS cards.
  • Therefore, they cannot draw a MATCH card if they already have one or a player card if they already have three.

2 Exchange one player card for a round chip

  • Exchange one player card for a round chip and place it in the corresponding position on the team board.
  • When a player card is exchanged for a chip, the cube or cubes in either the "attack" or "defence" columns should be moved up according to the points listed on the player card.
  • If the position of the new chip is already occupied by another chip, it will be replaced by the new one and the difference in the team level will be adjusted accordingly.
  • The player card is discarded once it has been played.

3 Exchange a player chip

  • Exchange a player chip for a cube of the same value.
  • That player chip's points will be deducted from the attack and defence columns based on the value of the player chip.

4 Exchange a player card for a cube of equal value

  • Exchange a player card for a cube of equal value.
  • The player card is discarded when it's exchanged.

5 Use a MATCH CARD to have a match

  • The team using that card will place their supporters in the stadium and will play.

How to play a match?

  • The columns on the team boards show attack and defence levels of each team.
  • There are 5 different levels: white, bronze, silver, gold and crown.
  • All teams starts from the column base, which is considered white level.
  • The level of the team will be determined by whichever column (attack or defence) has the lowest score (except when using a BONUS card).

Each level will be able to roll a certain number of dice

  • White: 1 six-sided dice (d6)
  • Bronze: 2 six-sided dice (d6)
  • Silver: 3 six-sided dice (d6)
  • Gold: 4 six-sided dice (d6)
  • Crown: 4 six-sided dice and 1 eight-sided dice (4 d6 and 1 d8).
  • Both teams will take the number of dice corresponding to their team level and roll them at the same time.
  • The highest number of each team will count as the final result.
  • If there is a draw, the highest numbers cancel each other out (one per team) to determine a winner (this will be the same for consecutive draws).
  • It there is no winner, the game goes to a penalty shootout and both teams will roll only one 6-sided die for each team repeatedly until there is a winner.


Blue Team: 6-3-1Yellow Team: 5-3Blue Team: 6-4
Green Team: 5-4-2Red Team: 5Orange Team: 6-4
Final score: 6-5Final score: 3-0Final Score: Penalty Shootout.
  • The winner of the match will stay in the stadium as the "king of the Pitch" and put victory chip on their board. The loser will return their supporters to their board.


V.A.R. card

  • V.A.R. card (only one per team) can be used before match. The card will be placed in between the VAR box closer to the team supporters using it and the plastic tray.
  • After the dice roll, if a team loss and they used a V.A.R card, they will re-roll their die with the lowest score.
  • If after this second roll they win the game, the other team can re-roll their lowest die if they also used a V.A.R. card.
  • V.A.R. cannot be used in draws or penalty shootouts.

BONUS card

  • BONUS card (only one per team) can be used before a match.
  • It should be placed behind the neutral supporters in the VIP box seat closer to the team using it.
    • That team will have the team level of its stronger position (either attack or defence) in this match.
  • After the match, its level returns to the level of the lower value (attack or defence).
  • If both teams have V.A.R and/or BONUS cards and there is any discrepancy in the order to place and/or use them, the current "King of the Pitch" will be the second one to decide.

4-5 PLAYERS OPTIONAL: Captain and Captain transfer cards

  • Optionally for 4-5 players game CAPTAIN and CAPTAIN TRANSFER cards can be used.
  • Every team will be dealt randomly a CAPTAIN card. That card will be kept secret until they are used.
  • For 4 players game, the remaining CAPTAIN card will be put aside without revealing it.
  • Some captains are allowed to play indifferent positions.
  • The CAPTAIN TRANSFER cards will be put in the deck as event cards.
  • The CAPTAIN cards does not count for the limitation of 3 player cards in a hand.


DefendersNumber 1. Numbers 2-3-4-or 6.
MidfielderNumber 5.
AttackersNumbers 7-8 or 10. Number 9 or 11.
  • A team can use a turn to pay the Captain transfer (2 gold cubes) and place the captain chip in their corresponding number.
  • If the card has several numbers, the team will choose the position.
  • That position cannot be changed later.
  • The CAPTAIN cards or CAPTAIN chips cannot be sold or trade for other player cards.


  • The CAPTAIN TRANSFER cards value is one gold cube.
  • When a team gets a transfer card, the CAPTAIN TRANSFER card will be used immediately and the captain chip place in its position (or chosen position if it has several numbers).
  • A team who already paid for the CAPTAIN TRANSFER cannot buy a CAPTAIN TRANSFER card, but it can take it for free, in that case, the card will be discarded immediately and the turn will be over.


  • The first team to win 5 matches is the winner of the game.