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Try to figure out your hand whilst battling your opponents to gain the most gems first!

Core Concept

Some of your hand cards are known only to you, and other hand cards are known only to everyone else


On your turn, you either ask for information or challenge someone

If you ask for information, pick one of your cards you cannot see and first say whether you know anything about it, if you know nothing then you can be told either element (colour) or power level (number) and it's up to the others to pick which to tell you. However, if you already know one of these features, the others must tell you the unknown feature i.e. if you already know the number, they can't tell you the number again

Exception 1: if it is a special (*) card, regardless of its features, the others can only say it's a special and not the features

Exception 2: If what you think you know is misremembered and wrong, this will not be corrected for free, but it's up to the others whether to clue the truly unknown feature or whether to clue the incorrectly understood feature

Exception 3: If the feature clued about can be found on other cards in your hand, you must also be told this (including for special cards)

Alternatively, you can choose to challenge someone

This challenge can be either element or power level based, decided by the challenger

Before the challenge begins, the challenger must give information to the opponent following the above information rules

Each in the challenge simultaneously pick a card (private or public) to use

If this is an Element challenge, Water beats Fire, Fire beats Plant, Plant beats Water, Light wins, Shadow loses

If this is a Power Level challenge, the highest number wins

Whoever wins gains 1 gem

If it's tied, play again with remaining cards in hand but keeping the same feature (element or power level)

Winning a tied round gains 1 extra gem

If needed, take another tied round, and increase the winning gems by 1 for each time (3rd round = 3 gems at stake

Once a challenge is resolved, the two contestants draw back up to 4 cards (the winner takes their cards blind and facing the group, the loser takes their cards privately facing themselves)

Game End

The game can end in two ways

If during a challenge the opponents tie on ALL their hand cards, the game immediately ends with a win for everyone! (or no one!)

Otherwise, the first to 7/6/5/4 gems in 2/3/4/5 players, wins!