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Be the first to deduce who the Criminal is


Every player has a number of innocent characters in hand

On your turn, you can ask everyone, ask one person, or accuse

If you ask everyone, you ask everyone (excluding yourself) who has an icon, but this does not declare the quantity (the sheet is ticked instead)

If you ask one person, you ask them about an icon and determine how many of that icon they hold

You get ONE chance to accuse per game, when you accuse state what character you think is the criminal, look secretly, if correct, you win! If incorrect, you are now out but still have to answer questions from others

On the BGA notepad, you can click the blank box to the right of each character to switch it from blank to Innocent, to a named player, to guilty, and blank again

In 2-player games, 'ask everyone else' action is replaced into 'card exchange' action. Take a face-down card next to the criminal and place a card in hand face-up on where you took the card.

Game End

The game ends in one of two ways

If you Accuse correctly on your turn, you win!

If you are the last non-eliminated player, you win!