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  • Standard 52 cards.
  • Rank order is ace high AKQJ1098765432
  • Phat is a four player trick-taking game.
  • Players opposite each other are a team.
  • The first team to score 181 points wins.
  • Phat cards score immediately.
  • A team that collects more than half of the Muck scores 8 points at the end of the round.
  • If both teams collect half of the Muck, the 8 points are carried over to the next round.
Trump Non-Trump
Card(s) A K Q J 9 5 9 5
Points 4 3 2 1 18 10 9 5
Total 80
All Trump & Non-Trump
Cards A K Q J 10
Points 4 3 2 1 10
Total 80

Game play

  • All the cards are dealt.
  • The first player is selected randomly.
    • Each round the first player responsibility passes clockwise.
  • The suit of the first card of each round is the trump suit.
  • Each player plays one card.
  • Suit must be followed if possible.
  • The trick is won by:
    1. The highest trump, otherwise
    2. The highest card of the suit led.
  • The winner of each trick leads the next.