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Be the first to make your Hero and Companion meet on the same space


As part of setup, you need to choose 3 cards from your hand to turn into mana, these cards won't be available to play as normal and you will never get them back


A Round (called a Day) is split into several phases







First Player changes

Exhausted Mana and cards are readied

Draw 2 new cards

Decide if you want to turn a card into Mana (This will never return to normal)


Any At Noon Effects can trigger now


Each player alternates playing a card as well as taking any Quick Actions before playing a card

You can take as many Quick Actions as you like and are able to

The two Quick Actions are Exhaust a card to trigger its effect, and Discard a Reserve card to trigger its effect

To play a card, you have to exhaust a number of Mana equal to its cost, this cost depends on whether you are playing it from your hand (top left) or reserve (lower left), but sometimes these costs will be the same

As well as cost, a cards function may change depending on where it is played from, a card with an arrow triggers its effect regardless, a card with a hand only triggers when played from hand, and a card with cards only triggers when played from the Reserve

If played from Reserve, place a Fleeting marker on it to show if an effect would send it to the Reserve again, it is instead discarded

If the card played is a Spell, it is immediately resolved, then sent to the reserve where you can carry out its effects again at a later point

As an alternative to playing a card, you may Pass, you can still take Quick Actions before doing so, and then you take no more part in the Afternoon


Each expedition sees if it is allowed to progress

There are three region types (green, red, blue), check what type(s) are present in the expeditions current region (sometimes all will be present)

For the active regions, add up the values of the characters on the expedition for each region

If at least one region type is higher than your opponents, you can progress e.g. if you have 4 red, 3 blue and your opponent had 2 red, 6 blue, you can progress as you have one region type with a majority, red in this case

Each expedition only has the chance to progress one step, even if more were possible

If an expedition moves on to a facedown card, flip it faceup

Remember, you are comparing Hero with Hero and Companion with Companion, regardless of where they are situated


All Expedition Characters go to the reserve (except if they have a Fleeting marker)

If you have 3+ Reserve cards, you must discard down to 2

If you have 3+ Landmarks, you must discard down to 2

Then start a new Day with Morning

Game End

The game ends as soon as one player has their Hero and Companion meet on the same spot, they win!

If this happens at the same time, then if a player moved both markers when they other only moved one, the player who moved both Hero and Companion in that final round wins!

If still tied, play an Arena Tiebreaker, which is on the reverse of the board

The Arena plays almost like a normal Day with all its phases

Any cards that cause movement, forwards or backwards, do nothing in the Arena

The player with the highest conglomerated score of all region types in BOTH expeditions, wins!

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