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Starting from the space indicated by the Lab die, each player tries to find at most quickly the amoeba indicated by the 3 Color, Shape and Pattern dice.


The 25 squares are shuffled and placed in a circle.

The first player is drawn and rolls the 4 dice, then all players play together at the same time.

  • • The Color, Shape and Pattern dice indicate the amoeba to be searched for;
  • • The Lab die indicates where the amoeba escaped from and in which direction it left;

To find the amoeba indicated by the Color, Shape and Pattern dice, you must start from the laboratory indicated by the Lab die, in the direction of the arrow indicated by the die. The first player who places their hand on the sought-after amoeba wins a token, after control by the other players.

As soon as a player has found the right amoeba or the right mutation room, they take a token to mark their victory then reroll the 4 dice to launch a new hunt. The winner is the first to win 5 tokens.

Ventilation grids

The amoebas hide by sneaking into the air vents. If following the path traveled by an amoeba we encounter a ventilation grid box, we do not take into account from the following squares to the next grid. We resume the search from this second grid while continuing to turn in the same direction. Possibly, up to the third ventilation grid after which we no longer take into account the boxes up to return to the first grid, from which you must resume the search.

Mutation rooms

The amoebas that pass through the mutation rooms (fig. 6) change.

  • • An amoeba that passes through the Color Mutation Room changes color (a).
  • • An amoeba that passes through the Shape mutation room changes shape (b).
  • • An amoeba that passes through the Pattern mutation room changes pattern (c).

Warning: amoebas are fragile and can only withstand 4 passages through a mutation room! An amoeba that in the same turn goes through 4 mutation rooms disappears immediately. The winner is then the first to put their hand on the fourth and last mutation room through which the amoeba passed!


It can happen that there is a disagreement and that players put their hands on amoebas different. During the verification, the player or players who made a mistake must return one of their tokens (if one of these players has no token to return, nothing happens).


To familiarize yourself with the game or to play with younger players, you can opt to remove transfer rooms and/or ventilation grilles from the deck.