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Okanagan is played over 2 rounds. Each round is made up of several turns played in a clockwise direction.

On a player’s turn, they must take the following actions in order:

1. Play the tile that is face-down in front of you.

2. Build one of your structures on the tile just played.

3. Check if a territory has been completed.

4. Choose a new tile.

1. Play a tile :

When a player plays a tile, they must respect the following conditions:

• Each new tile played must be adjacent to at least one tile already on the table.

• Each side of the new tile must match the same type of territory as each adjacent tiles it touches.

• Tiles must be connected by their sides. Corner connections do not count.

2. Build a structure :

The player chooses one of the buildings still available in their inventory and builds it on the tile they just played, placing it on the location defined by its structure type:

A Silo is built in the center of the tile and is connected to all its territories.

A Warehouse is built between 2 different types of territories.

A Farm is built on a single type of territory.

NOTE : When all players have built all the structures available, the 2nd round of the game begins

3. Check if a territory has just been completed :

If one or more territories are completed by the placement of the new tile, then players take the following steps in order, territory by territory, sequenced by the player who completed the territories.

1. Calculate the influence in the territory

2. Take a special action

3. Collect Rewards 1. Calculate the influence in the territory

3.1. Calculate the influence in the territory

Players calculate their points of influence in this territory, as follows:

• 3 points for a farm

• 2 points for a warehouse

• 1 point for a silo In the case of a tie, the player who completed the territory determines order of influence for the tied players.

If a player is alone in a territory that has just been completed, they must choose between the special action or collect the rewards.

3.2. Take a special action

The player with the lowest total influence in the territory immediately wins a Special action (see page 8).

The special action is chosen from one of the 3 special actions tiles available (at the top of the 3 stacks of tiles formed during setup).

The tile used for its special action is placed under its stack.

3.3. Collect Rewards

A stack is made with the tokens of each of the rewards represented in the territory.

The player with the most influence claims a total number of rewards, of their choice, equal to their influence.

Then the other players do the same, in decreasing order of influence.

It is possible that a player with less influence will collect fewer Reward tokens than they are normally entitled, or even collect no Reward tokens at all.

4. Choose a new tile :

The player must choose a new territory tile from one of the face-up tiles or from the top tile of one of the face-down piles. If they choose one of the tiles face-up tiles, they replace it with a new tile from the corresponding stack. The player then put the chosen tile face-down in front of them to play on their next turn.


Once all players have built all the structures from their inventory, then the first round is over. Each player takes all the structures in their color, set aside on the Second Round card

Then, each player draws 2 new Objective cards, adding them to the 3 Objective cards from the first round.

Out of the 5 objective cards they now have, each player can only keep 3 cards.

The remaining 2 Objective cards are discarded face-down.


The game ends when the second round is finished, after each player has built all their structures. The Objective cards are then revealed and players calculate their victory points in the following way:

• The Explorer card awards 4 victory points (VP) for each set of 4 different colors Rewards regardless of their shape.

• The conditions of their 3 Objective cards.

NOTE : A Reward token can be used to fulfill the conditions of several Objective cards.

• Gold Nuggets scoring:

10 VP for the player with the most nuggets

5 VP for the second

2 VP for the third

0 VP for the player with the fewest

NOTE : In case of a tie, the players gain the maximum points corresponding to their position. If two players finish in the lead with the same number of Gold Nuggets, they gain 10 VP each, the third player will then score 2 VP and not 5 VP

The player with the highest total of victory points is the winner. In case of a tie, the player with the most Rewards breaks the tie. If there is still a tie, the players share the victory.