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Defeat the 20 Brambles before your cards run out


On your turn, play 1 to 6 cards, then draw back up to 6

If the cards you play defeat a bramble, remove it and replace it with a fresh one from the draw stack so there are always 6 Brambles to attempt

Bramble Rank

Each Bramble has a rank between 1 and 5

To defeat it, you have to use an effect that would defeat its rank or higher, e.g. a rank 3 bramble can be defeated by rank 3/4/5 condition but not 1/2 condition

Rank 1 condition - A Pair and a unique e.g. 221

Rank 2 condition - Three of a Suit e.g. Beast Beast Beast

Rank 3 condition - Three in a row e.g. 123

Rank 4 condition - A Triplet e.g. 222

Rank 5 condition - Three in a Row of the Same Suit e.g. 1 Beast 2 Beast 3 Beast

If all three cards used are Honours 11/12/13/14, they count as the next rank up e.g. 11 12 13 would normally be rank 3, but can now be rank 4

Any of the below 6 card combos can defeat any two Brambles regardless of rank:

Any three pairs - a four of a kind and a pair is also allowed

Six in a row

Two Unique Triplets

Six of a Suit

The Honour rule applies here too, so if all six are 11/12/13/14, then THREE Brambles are defeated

Special Cards

Some cards you will draw are not number cards, but rather have special effects described on them which can be played either on their own or as part of a set

Flux Convergence allow you to store a card, effectively increasing hand size, anything can be moved to or from a Flux as needed. HOWEVER, a Bramble Curse placed in the Flux is stuck there rendering the flux otherwise unusable

Seer Of Visions provides one of three functions, it either lets you see what cards are coming up and to take one now, OR allows you to put cards from the discard back in the draw pile at the cost of hand cards (a Bramble Curse cannot be discarded this way), or allows you to shuffle all Bramble Curses in hand into the deck

Sacred Shears defeat a Bramble without satisfying any conditions

Bramble Curses are bad special cards, they clog up your hand until dealt with either by a pair, any of the previous mentioned 3 card combos, or a Sacred Shear


At any point, you can discard cards (not Bramble Curses) to draw new ones as much as you like, but remember the deck is your lifeline

Game End

The game ends in a win if the final Bramble is defeated whilst you have no Bramble Curses in your hand, as such the final Bramble simply CANNOT be defeated whilst you hold any Bramble Curses, these must be dealt with first

Bramble Curses in the Flux are allowed

If you run out of cards before this, you lose

Difficulty Adjustment

To make things harder, remove 1 to 3 Flux cards at setup

To make things easier, add 1 to 3 Flux cards into their played area during setup so they are available from the start

Masques & Monsters Expansions

Ideally, these are added in together

To make things harder, only add in the Monsters

To make things easier, only add in the Masques