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The goal of the game is to sink as many enemy or neutral submarines as possible while safeguarding as many of yours as possible.


Each of the submarines has a color, and every player has a color. The player owns the submarines of their color.

Player Turn

On your turn you must:

• Play at least 1 fleet card and move the sub of the corresponding color by the value on the card

Then, you can:

• Play further fleet cards (of any color) if you can connect them via fleet icons on the top-left of the card

• Play a torpedo card (of any color) if you can connect it via fleet icons on the top-left of the card. Select a sub to attack OR discard the torpedo

If you played a torpedo card, 1 8-sided dice will be rolled for every torpedo icon on that card. Any roll below the target sub's position on the board sinks the sub.

If you sink a sub, place it in your Scoring Area. It will be worth points at the end of the game.

If you miss with all your shots, place the torpedo card in your Scoring Area. It will cost you points at the end of the game.


Remember that fleet cards are individual, torpedo cards are common.

If no submarine of the color corresponding to the card (fleet or torpedo) is on the board, the card becomes wild and you can select any sub.

Game End and Scoring

If all but 2 subs have been sunk, or if there are no torpedo card available to replace a used torpedo card, the game ends.

Each player scores as follows:

• 1 point per Sub in Scoring Area

• -1 point for each Torpedo Card in Scoring Area (missed shots)

• 2 points for each Surviving Sub on board

• 1 point for each Sub pair of the same colour in Scoring Area

• 2 points if you have four different colored subs or more in the Scoring Area