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Overview & Round Summary

This game takes place over 7 days (rounds). This is tracked at the bottom of the Shared Board.

Each day consists of 4 turns: Morning (Green zone, Rising Sun), Afternoon (Blue/Teal zone, Full Sun), Evening (Orange zone, Setting Sun), and Night (Purple Power Button).

Day Turns

Each Day turn has two Major Choices: The Factory, or the Workshop.

These Major Choices both have two choices; resulting in four actions to choose from per turn.

Work in Factory

The Factory is the bottom half of the Shared Board.

The "Delivery Dock" (Delivery) on the bottom left, and "Stock Room" (Production) on the bottom right.

Delivery Dock (Delivery)

Pay the Flowers cost at the top of the bar to gain the rewards for the Time of Day.

Morning gives more rewards than Afternoon and Evening. Afternoon gives more than Evening.

"Purple squares with a gear"-rewards, allow you to activate a completed machine.

Stock Room (Production)

Gain 6, 4, or 2 resources favoring either more Flowers or more Ink. Visiting earlier in the day gains you more resources.

Morning: 2 Flowers & 4 Ink OR 4 Flowers & 2 Ink.

Afternoon: 1 Flowers & 3 Ink OR 3 Flowers & 1 Ink.

Evening: 2 Flowers OR 2 Ink.

The maximum amount of Flowers or Ink you can store is 9, this is tracked on the Bottom Left and Bottom Right of your personal board.

Work in Workshop

The Workshop is the top half of the Shared Board where you can Buy Machines (marketplace), and the top half of your personal board where you can Build Machines (conveyor belt).

Machines Overview and Buying Machines

Aspects of a Machine

Left side shows Cost in Ink, Right side shows Time it takes to Build.

Middle shows what you can do once built: Input in upper left (There may be no input cost), to Output in bottom right (Flowers, Ink, Rainbows, Time, Sheep/VP.)

Green machines are special permanent effects, mind the tooltip!

To Buy a Machine

Choose one from the marketplace, pay the cost in Ink, place a Worker on it, and put it on your conveyor belt where the Timer indicates.

Multiple Machines may occupy the same space on your conveyor belt, but only machines with a worker may move.

Build Machines

Place a Worker on a Machine on your conveyor belt to boost its movement. At the end of each Turn (Morning, Afternoon, Evening), machines move forward equal to the number of workers on them: i.e. 1 time space with 1 worker, 2 time spaces with 2 workers, etc.

When a machine leaves your conveyor belt, it is completed. It will flip from the building side, to the completed side, and sit in the center of your personal board.


First, All workers return to their spaces on your personal board.

You may activate all completed, purple, machines as you wish, or are able, in the order of your choosing. These sit in the center of your personal board.

This includes your "Default Machine", which sits above your completed machines zone, and below space 2 & 3 of your conveyor belt. This grants you 1 Ink in the base game.

Any benefits which cause in progress machines to be completed, will then give the player the immediate bonus of completing that machine

After the end of Night check the End Game Triggers.

If the End Game is not triggered, pass the first player marker and replace the current Delivery Card with a new one.

End Game Triggers

The Game Ends after the end of the 7th Night, or after a player has built 9+ Machines.

Proceed to Final Scoring.

Final Scoring

Your final score consists of:

Dream points (Tracked by the Sheep box and Clouds on the right of your personal board)

Plus, total Rainbows. Plus, 1 point per 5 of Flowers & Ink. (i.e. 3 Flowers + 2 Ink is 5 resources worth 1 point)

Thanks for Playing!