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In Caravan players create a caravan of camels to deliver goods to cities.


The starting player gets 1 action, the second player 2 actions, third player 3 actions, and every player starting with the 4th has 4 actions per turn. With their actions a player may do one of the following moves.


For 1 action:

  • Place or move a camel to an empty space.
  • Pick up a good.
  • Move a good along a line of adjacent camels.
  • Steal a cube from an opponent. You must also pay a thief token to the person who was stolen from. A good that is thieved is placed under the camel and may not be thieved until it moved again.

For 2 actions:

  • Place a camel in a square that already has at least one camel.


Each of the 8 numbered spaces are populated with goods from a goods bag that is made up of 9 of each common good and 3 of each rare good. Goods need to be delivered to their respective cities. Immediately when there are only 4 goods that haven't been picked up a refill is triggered where each space that has a good gets a demand coin and each empty numbered space gets a good.

End Game

Once the last refill is done and there are no more cubes in the bag, the next delivery IMMEDIATELY ends the game.


Each rare good delivered is worth 6 points, each common good is worth 3 points, each demand coin is 1 point and there are end game penalties for holding undelivered goods.

End Game Penalties for Undelivered Cubes
Cubes 0-1 2 3 4
Penalty 0 -1 -3 -6

Ties are broken by the player who delivered the most goods.

Rainbow Camel Expansion

This expansion adds one rainbow camel and the following action:

For 1 action:

  • Pay a gold coin to place or move the rainbow camel to any non-edge space.

Any player may place the rainbow camel and any player (at no cost) can use the rainbow camel as part of their path of adjacent camels when moving a good. The rainbow camel cannot thieve cubes and the rainbow camel may not hold a cube, however a rainbow camel may be the endpoint for a delivery.