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Take turns sending people to stalls until there are 5 or fewer open stalls in the market

Market Dice

In 2 or 3 player games only, the first step of a round is to roll the dice once (3p) or twice (2p) and everyone gains a cube of the depicted resource (or player choice if wild)

Scout Stalls

In the next stage of the round, each player performs a scout action in turn order

Move the yellow scout marker to a new space

The active player gains the cubes on the two adjacent spaces, whilst everyone else gains a cube of the space the scout marker is actually on

Assign Workers

In this next stage, each player performs two non-consecutive actions

On your turn, pick a stall and place a person on a space in that stall by paying the row and column cube cost (with some variations based on the type of person)

An Assistant or Bodyguard work on the basic cost system described above

A Tourist require the basic cost system above + 1 cube of any type (even one not in the row/column)

Cousins are two Assistants which cost the basic cost system + 1 cube of any type (even one not in the row/column) to place the first, then the second is placed in an adjacent stall at no cost

Special Action

During the Assign workers step, you may spend as many gold coins as you wish, each spend allows you to swap the positions of two row OR column cubes, changing the costing of certain stalls (You can't swap a row for a column)

Closing a Stall

After placing a worker, check to see if all 4 spaces of a stall have now been filled

Bodyguards count as taking up 2 spaces for this purpose

The player who took up the most spaces gets 5VP + covers the stall with their market tile

If there's a tie for 1st, all tied players get 5VP but a neutral market tile goes on the stall

2nd place gets 2VP, 1 Gold, and 1 Bodyguard

Tied 2nd, all get 1VP, and then a choice of 1 Gold OR 1 Bodyguard

3rd gets 1VP + 1 Gold or 1 Bodyguard

After which, all players take the numbered juice token(s) closest to their corner of the stall before removing all persons from the stall with some exceptions below:

Bodyguards go back to the Guard Quarter's rather than a player's personal supply

Depending on the direction the Market Tile is facing, any Tourists move in that direction to an adjacent stall and swap them for a normal Assistant of theirs (Market Tiles must be directed to an open stall if possible, unless none are in any of the available directions)

Round End

After everyone has had 2 placements, the round ends

The first player is shifted

The Scout marker is moved to the central space so it's not blocking any options

Everyone discards down to 1 cube

Game End

The game ends when there are 5 or less open stalls at the end of a given round

Juice tokens award points equal to their value

Each Market Tile in your largest connected district scores 3VP each

Each Gold is 1VP

Tiebreakers is most Market Tiles on stalls